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AVI FILE CREATOR allows the user to create computer animation of the section under the applied loading while simultaneously showing a graph of the response. This feature allows the user to export the results for use in Power Point or on the Internet. Any of the loading types can be made to an avi file. SECTION DRAWING CAPABILITIES. The zoom in and zoom out feature no longer cuts fibers from the edges of the screen. Further, the user defined drawing boundary is shown when the user zooms out far enough. WinSEISAB Features Window Graphical User Interface Complete Bridge Model Generation to Determine Seismic Loads Analysis Types: Static (Dead Load), Uniform Load Method, Single Mode, Frequency and Response Spectrum. Response Spectrum Curves: AASHTO, Old Caltrans, Caltrans SDC (ATC32) and Arbitrary Horizontal and Vertical Acceleration Loadings Include Earthquake Restrainers and Foundation Soil Springs Combination Factor, Default = 0.3 Graphics: Undeformed Structure, Node Numbers, Static Displacements, Mode Shapes and Animation English and Metric Output Reports PennDOT approved software VERSION UPDATED: User can now open a dialog that graphically displays the layout of piles within the footing VERSION UPDATED: A new mass participation table is now reported along with the vibration characteristics. The new table includes the mass participation per mode and the total accumulated mass participation VERSION UPDATED: A system of graphics that help post-process the results has been added VERSION UPDATED: Column tolerance - US vs SI update VERSION UPDATED: FE connections - The number of allowable member connections as a node was increased from 50 to 100 in RENUM VERSION UPDATED: Piles and representation of pile footings are now shown in the model graphics VERSION UPDATED: Distinction was made between frequency and circular frequency VERSION UPDATED: AASHTO ARS curve according to AASHTO guide specifications for LRFD seismic bridge design 2011 2nd edition now added TO v5.1.0OPTION TO VARY THE POST PEAK BILINEARIZATION OF THE IDEALIZED MOMENT CURVATURE RESPONSE. In the older versions of XTRACT and UCFyber, the bilinearization was a best fit with both the area under the moment curvature relation and the ultimate point in the moment curvature response history. Now, the user also has the option to choose the post peak slope of the bilinearization, whether it be zero (as per CalTrans recommendation) or a user defined post peak slope. ABILITY TO GENERATE THE PLASTIC ROTATION CAPACITY BASED ON A CODE ASSUMED PLASTIC HINGE LENGTH. The user picks the plastic hinge length based on a particular code and type, enters the critical parameters, and the calculated result is printed in the analysis report. EQUATION FIT TO THE AXIAL FORCE - MOMENT INTERACTION DIAGRAM . In this analysis, the user can fit a cubic polynomial to the data. The equation parameters are printed along with the graph of the equation plotted against the actual detailed calculation of the points. The equation can be then used on other structural analysis programs that accept such input. XTRACT Features ‘Remesher’ Allows Modification of Discretized Sections (NEW!) User Editable File Structure (NEW!) Ability to Import and Export Sections between Projects (NEW!) Save All Output, Including Graphs and Analysis Data (NEW!) Windows Graphical User Interface Non-Linear Section Analysis within Minutes Moment Curvature and Axial Force Moment Interactions Analysis Concrete, Steel, Pre-stressed and Composite Members Automatic Fiber Mesh Generation Ability to Define and Analyze Arbitrary Sections Predefined Steel and Concrete Material Models Templates for Common Structural Shapes Ready Report Generation Graphing & Data Comparison
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