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Therefore, the playback of AVI through QuickTime on Mac or PC's will mostly depend on the type of compression (or codec) of the AVI itself. Is there any way to play.avi files in QuickTime without considering its video & audio codec? How to watch AVI movie files via the QuickTime player on a Mac/ PC. AVI is not a readable format on QuickTime in Macbook Pro by default. Not totally true. As a file format (i.e., container), it has been supported by QT for decades. Unfortunately, most of the AVI compression formats (i.e., codecs) popularized by PC/Windows users over the years are not supported natively by QT.

Fix and Watch Partially Downloaded AVI on Mac

AVI files are now the most widely used video file format on the planet. They are used on many popular applications such as MSN Live Messenger, Skype, etc. However unfortunately, similar to any other video file format AVI video files are also vulnerable to problems such as corruption and damage. And once your AVI video gets damaged you won’t be able to watch the file anymore. But, thankfully there is software called Remo Repair that helps you to repair these partially downloaded AVI files.


Consider a situation: You are a huge fan of Linkin Park rock bank and keep track of their every music video. You often buy their music videos from online and download the same after its release. Recently you started downloading their limited edition of live concert video of AVI format. Although the download got interrupted few times but then again the video got downloaded successfully. However, you were not able to watch the downloaded video clips. Due to network inconsistency your AVI video clip got downloaded partially. Now what will you do??? In such situation, Remo Repair AVI is the right choice to fix partially downloaded file.

Events due to which your AVI file download gets partially downloaded:

There are several reasons due to which your AVI video gets partially downloaded such as power failure while downloading AVI video from internet, interruptions while downloading AVI video clip, network inconsistency while downloading video file, improper system termination while AVI file download, etc. Apart from these there are numerous of other reasons for AVI file corruption.

About Remo Repair AVI App:

Remo Repair is a highly reputed repair utility using which you can easily repair and watch partially downloaded AVI video clip on Mac computers. The tool fixes AVI video clip no matter if the file is broken, damaged, corrupted or inaccessible due to any reason. More to this, the software is designed with a simple to use interface using which even a person with less technical skills can operate the software and fix his / her AVI video. Furthermore, Remo Repair software generates a new healthy working file of your AVI video which ensures no damage is made to the original AVI video.

Eye Catching Features:

MacWatch Avi On Mac

Remo Repair software is bundled with many outstanding features which other software fails to provide are like:

  • The tool is completely free from severe virus / malwares
  • Free demo version of the software is available through which you can preview the repaired AVI file
  • Remo needs only 50 MB of your hard disk space for installation
  • It supports all latest versions of Mac OS
  • Offers you the best technical support team

Note: You can make use of Remo Repair demo version to test the efficiency of the software before buying its full version.

Steps to repair partially downloaded AVI video on Mac:

Step 1: First, download and install Remo Repair software on your Mac desktop / laptop. Open the installed application and follow the on screen procedure. Choose the broken AVI file using “Browse” option. Click on “Repair” tab to initiate the repair process.

Figure A: Main Screen

How To Watch Avi On Mac

Step 2: After completion of repair process a new window with “Preview” option will be displayed.

Can You Watch Avi On Mac

Figure B: Preview Repaired File

How To Watch Avi Files On Macbook Pro

Step 3: Preview the repaired AVI video before restoration and save it to your desired destination location.

Can You Watch Avi On Mac

Figure C: Save Repaired File