Sleeping Dogs Hkship Exe Launcher Download

Sleeping Dogs Hkship Exe Launcher Download

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world action game set in Hong Kong, where players set out to disrupt the Triad gangs as an undercover cop.

Similar to other open-world games like Grand Theft Auto IV and True Crime: Streets of LA, Sleeping Dogs offers an eclectic mixture of driving, shooting, fighting, and other interesting gameplay mechanics. With the criminal element working overtime and the streets of Hong Kong more dangerous than ever before, you have your work cut off for you. Luckily, thanks to a notably violent fighting system, richly detailed environments, and a plethora of bonus content, saving Hong Kong is a consistently enjoyable adventure.

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Main Game Features:

  • Four city districts to explore
  • Open-world exploration
  • Three distinct leveling systems


In Sleeping Dogs, you control Wei Shen, an undercover detective working for the Hong Kong Police Department. After falling in with the Sun On Yee Triad group, Wei Shen must prove his loyalty as he attempts to dismantle the gang from within.

Sleeping Dogs Hkship Exe Launcher Download

In order to do so, Wei Shen has to pull off a variety of crimes with his gang-members, including assassinations, car-jackings, and more. Of course, this creates conflict with his police superiors, forcing him to balance his actions without disrupting either side. Although Wei Shen starts off as a lowly enforcer in the Sun On Yee, he rises to power rather quickly, forcing him deeper into the shady world of organized crime. With his loyalties constantly called into question, Wei Shen must keep his cool, or risk being exposed or killed.


Playing as Wei Shen in the dense city of Hong Kong, there are tons of things to see and do. The game primarily plays a third-person beat 'em up, highlighting Wei's martial arts abilities. You can explore the four districts of Hong Kong while on foot or in your choice of vehicle, ranging from classic four-door sedans to motorcycles and commercial trucks. There are plenty of main missions to complete, mostly revolving around Wei's time infiltrating the Sun On Yee Triad gang. There are also additional missions to pursue as a cop, allowing you to bust drug deals, take down petty criminals, and even investigate a string of serial killings. In addition to these bigger, more focal missions, you can also complete a wide variety of side-missions called “favors”, forming relationships with various supporting characters.

As you complete missions and side-activities, you'll earn experience in three major skill-trees, including Cop, Triad, and Face. Cop experience points are earned by completing missions without killing civilians and causing damage, while Triad experience is rewarded for being as brutal and violent as possible.

Face experience is earned by completing favors and other side-activities, increasing Wei's popularity. Each skill-tree provides various upgrades, ranging from new attack combos to the ability to loot guns from police cars. Face experience unlocks new clothes and cosmetic options for Wei, letting you customize his look to your liking.


While Sleeping Dogs might feel very similar to other modern, crime-focused open-world games, there's a surprising amount of originality under the surface. Although the story itself is just passable, the gameplay dynamic of playing as an undercover cop is thoroughly exciting. There's a great variety of missions, some super fun mini-games, and a plethora of collectibles to find. The fighting system is also quick and satisfying, with a notable amount of shocking violence.

If you're looking for an addictive and content-rich adventure that doesn't pull the punches, check out Sleeping Dogs.


  • Exciting combat and gameplay
  • Lots of activities and side-missions
  • Engaging upgrade system


  • Some lackluster controls
  • Mediocre story
  • Occasional glitches
Overall rating: 8

#1153Sleeping Dogs: Definitive + Limited Editions Pack (24/30 DLCs)

Companies: United Front Games, Square Enix London Studios, Square Enix Europe
Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI7
Original Size: 24.6 GB
Repack Size: from 5.7 GB [Selective Download]

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Repack Features

  • Based on two releases: SDDE Steam version (16.6 GB) and Sleeping.Dogs.GOTY.v2.1.437044.Incl.30DLC.Multi.FTS (7.9 GB)
  • Sleeping.Dogs.Definitive.Edition.Update.1.and.Crack-3DM applied over DE
  • Game versions are: Update 1 for DE; v2.1.437044 for LE; All DLCs for respective versions are included and activated
  • 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • Selective Download feature: you can skip downloading and installing of Limited Edition
  • Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from cumulative 24.6 to 5.7/9.7 GB, depending on selected components)
  • Installation takes ~10-15 minutes for DE alone (depending on your system) + additional 7-10 minutes for Limited Edition
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • HDD space after installation: up to 28 GB (when both versions are installed)
  • Use “Language Selector.exe” in “DE” and/or “LE” folders to change the game language
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack
  • Repack by FitGirl

The Definitive Edition of the critically acclaimed, award winning open-world action adventure, reworked, rebuilt and re-mastered for the new generation. All 24 previously available DLC extensions have been integrated into the game, including the story-extending episode Year of the Snake and the horror-themed Nightmare in North Point. Alongside a wealth of new technological, audio and visual improvements, Hong Kong has never felt so alive.

A vibrant, neon city teaming with life, Hong Kong’s exotic locations and busy streets and markets hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the notorious Triads. Play as Wei Shen – the highly skilled undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside out. You’ll have to prove yourself worthy as you fight your way up the organization, taking part in brutal criminal activities without blowing your cover.

Destroy your opponents in brutal hand-to-hand combat using an unmatched martial arts system. Dominate Hong Kong’s buzzing streets in thrilling illegal street races and tear it up in explosive firearms action. Sleeping Dogs’ Hong Kong is the ultimate playground.

Undercover, the rules are different.


With all 24 previously available DLC extensions included and a wealth of visual improvements, Hong Kong has never felt so alive.

[b]Game Features[/b]
  • A mature, gritty undercover cop drama where a wrong decision can blow your cover at any time.
  • Explosive action fuelled by a seamless mix of deadly martial arts, intense gunfights and brutal takedowns.
  • Epic high-speed thrills: Burn up the streets or tear up the sea in a vast array of exotic cars, superbikes and speedboats.
  • Hong Kong is your ultimate playground: Enter illegal street races, gamble on cock fights, or kick back with some karaoke. There are countless ways to entertain yourself in Hong Kong’s diverse districts.

Download Sleeping Dogs Exe

[b]Included DLCs (Limited Edition, DE has less, no Experience Boosters)[/b]
  • Community Gift Pack
  • Deep Undercover Pack
  • Dragon Master Pack
  • Drunken Fist Pack
  • Gangland Style Pack
  • Ghost Pig Pack
  • GSP Pack
  • High Resolution Texture Pack
  • Just Cause 2 Pack
  • Law Enforcer Pack
  • Matrial Arts Pack
  • Monkey King Pack
  • Movie Masters Pack
  • Nightmare In North Point
  • Police Protection Pack
  • Retro Triad Pack
  • Screen Legends Pack
  • Square Enix Character Pack
  • Street Racer Pack
  • Tactical Soldier Pack
  • The High Roller Pack
  • The Red Envelope Pack
  • The SWAT Pack
  • Top Dog Gold Pack
  • Top Dog Silver Pack
  • Triad Enforcer Pack
  • Valve T-Shirt Pack a.k.a.Team Fortress pack
  • Wheels of Fury
  • Year of the Snake
  • Zodiac Tournament
Why did you include Limited Edition, when Definitive Edition is better?

Sleeping Dogs Hkship Exe Launcher Download Free

Because DE is not better in every aspect. It has some enhacements compared to LE, but it includes six less DLCs and has a different mechanics for using those DLCs.

As for graphics, you can watch this movie and see if DE is really “better” than LE. For me personally, it’s not.

Sleeping Dogs Exe File Download