Sketchup 2019 Plugin Pack

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Sketchup 2019 Plugin Pack Free

You can download FredoTools Plugin by Fredo 6 by signing up for free on the sketchucation site

Brings together a number of my standalone plugins.
By delivering them as a single package, it reduces the footprint on Sketchup and avoids the individual installation of each plugin
  • Single folder in the Plugins directory (Fredo6_FredoTools)
  • Single menu entry (by default in Tools > Fredo Tools > ….)
  • Single contextual menu
  • Single toolbar, with control of the icons displayed
  • Quick Launcher
  • Also, only a small part of the plugins is loaded at Sketchup startup (only the menus). The rest of the code is loaded the first time you launch the plugin.
in this gif created by Sketchup Tutorial
You can see a small example of what this plugin can do
( The texture used in the video is available here )
In this tutorial video, created by Tutorials UP you can see a Overview Of All Tools

Plugin For Sketchup Free Download

Sketchup versions: 6 and above (Free, Make and Pro) - certified for SU2017
Platform: Windows and Mac OSX
Language: English, French, Spanish Spain (by Oxer), Spanish Latin America (by Defisto), Chinese (by guanjin)
Menus: by default, it is installed in Tools > Fredo Tools…
Icon toolbar: Fredo6 Tools

Sketchup 2019 Plugin Packages

Sketchupby Sketchup Texture - Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sketchup 2019 Plugins Pack Download

Sketchup 2019 Plugins Pack Download