Serial Io Card Pcmcia To Rs232 Driver Download

PCMCIA to RS232 / RS-232 Notebook Serial I/O PC Card PACKAGE INCLUDES; 1 PC card 1 Driver CD Technical Support for Installation (to make sure it work with your computer, CAT software and operating system). You don't have to have a support contract with your CAT software manufacturer. . RS232 I Cardbus PCMCIA Card. This RS-232 serial cardbus adapter provides a simple and easy way to add a serial port to your notebook. With its compact size and detachable cable, this RS-232 serial cardbus adapter is an easy and convenient way to connect GPS receivers, bar code scanners, printers and joysticks for gamming. Popular Driver Downloads. Provides support for NI data acquisition and signal conditioning devices. Provides support for Ethernet, GPIB, serial, USB, and other types of instruments. Provides support for NI GPIB controllers and NI embedded controllers with GPIB ports. All support resources. The LabVIEW 8.5+ drivers are available in the /Drivers/LabVIEW 8.5+ directory on the CD, and on the products’ pages, both in the Manuals / Software tab, and in the navigation column to the left. For your convenience, the two major LabVIEW packages are available here: USB devices (other than serial ports) Register-based cards (other than.

H-SL0700-004 PCMCIA Serial card 1-port

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ACB-PCM-2S 2-port RS-232CardBus (PCMCIA) adaptor - Sunix

H-SL0700-004 PCMCIA Serial card 1-port (was SOC-SER-DB9)

Hasthe ability to extend the use of your notebook or WIN CE device to use GPS Receivers,ISDN Modems, medical equipment etc.
PC Computer Support: All notebooks, HandheldPCs and Pocket PCs with Type II or III slot

Lifetime Warranty
Configurableto Com Ports 1,2,3,4 on Notebook supporting all major card services
Batteryfriendly, making it the longest lasting, most widely compatible serial card onthe market today

Serial Communications:
Asynchronous RS-232
Baud rate: Up to 921.6 Kbps
9-pin D, male connector on 305mm (12') cable

Custom options for IrDA, RS-422 and RS-485

16550 compatible UART runs upto 115.2 Kbps

PC Card Computers Supported:
Socket HIS chip for compatibilitywith virtually all PC Card (PCMCIA) compatible computers with Type II or III slot

Operating System Compatibility:
Windows COM port
Win NT,Win 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Win CE, Linux, Mac OS v7.5 or greater,Zaurus OS/2, Dos, Solaris,
- Windows 950B - Windows 98 - Windows 98SE- Windows Me - Windows 2000 - Windows XP
- Windows CE HPC Pro 2.11- Windows CE HPC 2000 - Windows CE Pocket PC 2000
- Windows CE Pocket PC 2002- Windows CE Pocket PC 2003
Socket's interactivefaq and states that there is no UNIX support for the PCMCIA serial cards.
The only exception is that the Sharp Zaurus has a compact flash socket and someonehas written a Linux patch to work with the CF serial card on the Zaurus.

Windows XP... see end of this page.
Supported by all majorCard Services software
Configurable to be COM 1, 2, 3 or 4
Socket’sDirect Enabler can save 100 Kb of RAM in DOS environments

Supportedby all major Card Services software
Configurable to be COM 1, 2, 3 or 4

Programmable Characteristics:
Character length: 5-, 6-, 7- or 8-bits
Parity: Even, odd or none
Baud rate: Up to 921.6 Kbps

Software Included:
Auto Installation Utility for Windows CE and Windows 9x
Windows 9x .INFfile
PCMCIA Global Enabler for DOS

Power Consumption:
Ultra Low Poweris Perfect for Portables
Standby: 5 mA or 25 mW
Typical: 13 mAor 65 mW
Battery Friendly® - extends the host computer's battery life by usingless than one tenth
as much power as other RS-232 serial PC Cards

PC Card: Lifetime (excludes physical damage)
Removable cable: 90 days
[There is a ruggedized version which has the cable permanently attached to card.This has 3 Year Warranty ]

FCC: Part 15, ClassA, CE: EN55022, C-TICK: s.182

Physical Characteristics:
PC Card: Size: 3.37 x 2.13 x 0.197 in (85.6 x 54 x 5 mm)
Cable Length:12 in (305 mm)
Connector: 9-Pin D Shell Male

Environmental Conditions:
Temperature (Operating):
0°C to +55° C
Temperature (Non-operating):
0°C to +65° C
Relative Humidity (Operating):
10% to 90%, non-condensing
Relative Humidity (Non-operating):
10% to 95%, non-condensing

Serial Io Card Pcmcia To Rs232 Driver Download 64-bit

PC Card Interface:
PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) Type II, JEIDA4.1

FCC: Part 15, Class B
CE: EN55024:1998
C-TICK s.182

Removable Cable: 90 days
Card: LimitedLifetime

Serial io card pcmcia to rs232 driver download macPcmcia

Windows XP

The currentserial IO driver that we have is compatible with XP despite not having a digitallysigned certificate.
Proceed with a normal installtion as follows:

Insertthe card
Add new hardware wizard comes up
specify the location of thedriver
point to the location of the driver file IOSOCKET.INF

This willinstall the card in your machine.

If at this time you have a code 10 erroron the installed card, there is a resource management problem that is occuringon your machine.
You can tell this is the case if you see the card listedunderneath ports com & LPT with a com port number (most likely 4)
butwith a yellow exclamation mark.

If you have an IR port installedin your notebook do the following:
Go the the device manager on your system
Locate the Infrared devices on your system
Double click on the item thendouble click on the device itself.
On the general tab under device usage selectdisable in the drop down menu and apply all changes.

After you have disabledthe device, go to ports com and LPT and double click the socket serial card.
after you have disabled the device, go to ports com and LPT and double click thesocket serial card.
Go to the resources tab and hit configure manually anduncheck use automatic settings.
Check the IO range and see if there is adevice conflicting with it.
If there is something conflicting, set the basicconfiguration to 0001
and then check to see what the IO range is.
Makesure the IO range that does not have any conflicts with another device and thendouble click on the IRQ
to change it to an available IRQ.
Since you hadjust disabled the IR port try to use those settings.

If you did not havean IR port to begin with just select thise settings as well as com 2 resourcesshould be available.
( basic configuration 0001 or 02F8 and IRQ3)

ACB-PCM-2S 2-port RS-232 CardBus (PCMCIA) adaptor - Sunix

•High reliability SUNIX UL7512EQ 16C750 compatible UART controller on-board.
•Expands 2 independent RS-232 serial ports through 32-bit CardBus slot.
•Compliance with PCI 33MHz Ver. 3.0/2.3/2.2 specification.
• Each RS-232ports communication speeds up to 230.4Kbps.
• Built-in ±15KV ESDprotection for all serial signals meets IEC1000-4-2 standard.
• Hot-swappingfeature allows you to attach/detach RS-232 devices without first powering yourcomputer off.
• Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS.
•Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft WQHL approval.
• Supports MicrosoftWindows, Linux

Cable (included) DB44 Female to 2-port DB9/ DB25 Male

DataSheet (pdf file, opens new tab or window)

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Download Drivers. The Serial Solutions software driver is intended for use with our PCI and PCMCIA. This driver supports the following operating systems. This CardBus RS232 Serial Laptop PC Adapter Card adds two RS232 serial ports to a notebook computer, letting you connect your. Drivers & Downloads.

• Provides a reliable solution for Notebook to connect serial peripherals such as GPS receivers, serial printers/plotters, barcode scanners, digital cameras and fax/modems. Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows 98 Linux Single Port RS-232 Serial adapter PCMCIA card is compact in size and low power requirements to support the major serial portable devices. Item USES NEW OXFORD OX16CF950B CHIP!

The UART is the newest generation of the 16C950. It equipped a 128-byte deep data FIFO and auto-flow control features to speed up the data transfer to 115.2Kbps without the under-run and over-run problems. MG-1SCB PCMCIA Host controller with Serial Adapter By utilizing the PCMCIA card port in your notebook you can add one additional serial port without conflict to existing IRQ's, a great benefit when in need of more serial devices for your system. The MG-1SCB is ideal for a wide variety of applications including field data collection, industrial control and monitoring.

With its complete hardware and complete driver support, the MG-1SCB is an ideal upgrade to support all UART-serial-compatible devices for the rapidly changing Notebook computer to preserve user's investment in serial interface. MG-1SCB PCMCIA serial adapter specifications: System: For 16-bit PCMCIA, Release 7.1 and backward compatible.

Serial Io Card Pcmcia To Rs232 Driver Download Free

Tau tau bodyguard ringtone mp3 download. Operating System Support: Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000 PCMCIA Host Card Features: Fully Plug & Play compliant, compatible with old and new Notebooks. Form Factor: 3.37' x 2.12' (8.57cm x 5.40cm) Serial Port & I/O Hardware Features: One DB9-Male UART Serial port. Serial Port PCMCIA Feature - Automated in-band flow control using Programmable Xon/Xoff characters. - Detection of bad data in the Receiver FIFO. - 115.2Kbps (basic model), up to 4Mbps model upon request. - Flexible Clock Prescaler from 1 to 31.875.

- Backward compatible with 16C550 UARTs. - 128-byte 16C950 Deep FIFO Performance. - Supports 1 RS232C Serial Port with a DB9M Cable. - 16-Bit PCMCIA R7.1 and backward Compatible.

- 16C950 UART compatible, 128-byte deep FIFOs per Transmitter and Receiver. - Automated in band flow control using programmable Xon/Xoff in both directions. - Automated out-of-band flow control using CTS#RTS# and/or DSR#DTR# I/O Hardware - One DB9-Male RS232C Serial Port Connector with 15pin-to DB9M cable. - One 68-pin PCMCIA Connector for Notebooks. Important Technical Information: PCMCIA Serial Adapter Fits any Type II PCMCIA CARDBUS-32 Slot. (Also 16-bit PCMCIA R7.1 & backward compatible.) Creates 1 DB9 pin Com port Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Linux compatible Fast 16C950 high performance UART chipset • New Drivers for Windows:• Drivers for SerialGear PCMCIA Serial Cards and SerialGear Express Serial Cards • Qty: NEED HELP Selecting Proper USb to Serial Adapter?

Serial Io Card Pcmcia To Rs232 Driver Download

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