Samsung Factory Ime Codes 2018 2019 Change Imei

Learn one of the best methods on how to change Android cell phone IMEI, ID, SN number using APK Box Tool for free. The IMEI code is usually a 15-digit code that generally serves as an identification key, especially with the mobile phone devices. However, hot only mobile phones have an IMEI code. If the factory that manufactures a product has this number of registration, then the device will come with an IMEI code. This code is useful in so many ways. There are online calculators you can use for free and find out a lot about your mobile phone, especially if you are the second or third user. Using the serial code you can find out when and where was the item produced, does it have any restrictions and what are those, was it ever blacklisted, locked or blocked and so much more. Having said this, I will also add one more detail about the functionality of the code- if you manage to change it, then all the restrictions that your cell phone device ever had will vanish into thin air. So, I guess now the big question is: How do we change the IMEI code off our handsets?

Of course, the answer to your question is finally here, in front of you. All you need to do it’s be patient and carefully read this to find out more about the importance of the SN code and the benefits of its change.

What are the positive aspects of the IMEI change procedure?

Of course, you must never rely on just any software for this procedure. It is a complicated procedure, and if your falls into the wrong hands, you might end up more frustrated than satisfied. Luckily for you, we have the best team of highly trained professionals and experts that you can entirely rely on. The software they developed has never failed anyone no matter how tangled their situation with the IMEI code was. Another great thing about the IMEI change is that you can erase all mobile network restrictions with just a little bit of effort. If using our tool, your bid will be reduced to a minimum so the limits will go for you as if by magic.

Samsung Factory Ime Codes 2018 2019 Change Imei Number

Other than that, there is the SIM unlock moment. When you manage to change the code of your SIM locked cell phone device, the entire identity of your cell phone device changes too. That means that your mobile phone is no longer associated with the SIM lock activation and you can use it freely with any SIM card, literary by any mobile network operator in the world. It is a whole different story what are the benefits of a SIM-unlocked mobile phone device, but it will take a lot of your time if I start going into that.

Jan 29, 2021. 2767. 3855 #: Restores your Samsung Galaxy to factory settings (everything except your memory card is reset). 2767. #: Displays the product code of your Samsung Galaxy. # 272. imei #.: Allows you to change the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy (enter the imei number you want to assign to the phone in the 'imei' field. Nov 10, 2020 Frequently Used Samsung Codes. Here are the frequently used Samsung Codes: Phone Info and Test Functions:.#06#, this code will display the IMEI number.#.#4636#.#., this code will show you diagnostic and general settings mode.#.#7780#.#., it will make Factory Soft reset or you can also use.#7780# for the same.


The first step towards changing the IMEI code

Many people tend to give up the entire procedure when they hear that they need to know their current IMEI code. That’s because they don’t know where to look and think that they must contact the mobile network operator to get it. Although that is one way too, there are a few more ways to discover your mobile phone’s IMEI code:

Samsung Factory Ime Codes 2018 2019 Change Imei Number

  • Dial *#60# and your code will pop up on your screen.
  • Enter the menu of your mobile phone goes to SETTINGS- ABOUT PHONE- go down until you see the CODE.
  • Check the contract you signed the mobile network operator. It is written there for sure.
  • You can also check the box your mobile phone came in.

You can use whichever method that suits you best to easily and indeed find the 15-digit code. Once you find it write it down correctly. You don’t have to remember it. I cannot emphasize CORRECTLY enough for several reasons: if you enter an incorrect code, the IMEI change will not happen, not even with a fantastic IMEI changer tool like ours. If you keep making the same mistake, the security alert will be activated on your mobile phone, and you will never be able to change the IMEI no matter what.

Samsung Factory Ime Codes 2018 2019 Change Imei

The Benefits of the Best IMEI Changer Tool App

Samsung Factory Ime Codes 2018 2019 Change Imei

Using our free Changer Tool will give you many benefits. For one, you can use the free IMEI Tool to calculate some details about your phone. For instance, you can find out if your mobile phone device is SIM locked or if there is something else wrong with it. If you see that everything is ok, then you don’t have to go through the code changing procedure. Using our calculator, you will also receive details about where was this serial code registered before. What country, mobile network operator etc. when the IMEI changes every aspect about the device will be replaced with a clean slate.

Our APK Box Tool is compatible with the following brands: iPhone, iPad, Apple MAC, Microsoft, Blackberry, Hawaii, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, ZTE, Toshiba, Micromax, Acer, Xiaomi, Asus, Motorola, Lenovo, Alcatel, and Kyocera.

Steps how to change the IMEI number?

Finally, you have the chance to learn how to change the IMEI code on your cell phone device successfully. As I mentioned before first, you need the code you want to change, and second, you need our free IMEI Changer Tool. Download and install the changing software on your computer and then follow these steps:

Samsung factory ime codes 2018 2019 change imei code
  1. Get your USB cable and connect your mobile phone to the computer.
  2. Open the Changer Tool by clicking on it twice.
  3. From the lists that you will see select the brand of your mobile phone and its model.
  4. Enter the IMEI code you found and wrote down earlier.
  5. Hit the GENERATE option.
  6. Click AGREE with the terms and policies
  7. Pass the human verification procedure with some general details about you.
  8. Wait for the new window to open where you can see the confirmation that you’re IMEI has been changed. You will also see your new code in case you need it in the future.
  9. Now you can unplug your mobile phone from the USB connector, and you can use it as you would usually use an unrestricted device.

Samsung Factory Ime Codes 2018 2019 Change Imei Checker

That is a groundbreaking tool that everyone should try it and use it. Why pay an entire fortune to the mobile companies and go with their 24-months plans when you can change all that with just a few clicks.
If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to reach our support team.