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Roda Impian Game Download Wheel Of Fortune Play Roda Impian Game. List of our online games; 1. Diyanazman Word Games Have you watched Wheel of Fortune or Roda Impian games on TV?? This is the online version for that TV game. Download Roda Impian - Musim Hari Raya apk 1.1 and all version history for Android. Dapatkan wang besar musim Hari Raya. Slot RODA IMPIAN KAKEK Sugiono!! The Wild Machine Pragmatic, Game Slot Gacor Episode-20Semoga kalian terhibur dengan konten Game Gacor Channel kali ini, moh.



About the times the commercial airplanes slammedon the WTC Twin Towers and the Pentagon on the 9th September, 2001 strangethings started to happen to a simple mankind. He felt so scared andran away but he knew what he had to do. That simple mankind startedto write whatever he inferred from the images he saw into a Word documentusing borrowed computers. It was very difficult as things come as images,not voices. The images that appeared like before that gave him the highestcompression technology in the world (not commercialized, beating the existing compression technologies by hundreds of times), the GMF2000 (
GMF2000) - 'cheat bomb do this - write many files') (see ** Notes below). Hemade manyerrors of course, but he just continued to write, bit by bit. Fromthe images he knew who King Gog is, that mankind history is divided into LON andBABI Eras, that mankind (mules) would prevail and be blessed with the Truth and theHeaven, the Truth, etc. Of course that mankind know the Muslim 'solah' isa falsehood when some images appeared whenever he tried to do solah. He got punished when he made big errors like 'In thename of God' because he thought (wrongly) it was the meaning of the first verseof the Il-Qr'in and when he wrote 'the Jews are going to perish' (falsehood, theJews are going to stay). Since the images were veryfew, the rest was done by continued elaboration of whatever he perceived from the images. As more files were being written the whole picture becomes clearer and clearer.
Then he remembered the old bedtime story thathis parents had been telling him when he was a kid. He realized that whateverin the bedtime story was really happening. He tried to remember thevivid old bedtime story. From the bedtime story, he remembered thatthe tallest buildings (the Towers of Babil) in the East would fall towardsthe End Phase of the World. But the WTC Twin Towers did not fall (on theirown), the buildings were slammed by two airplanes and they were out in the West. He realized that the devils and Satan created their own Towers of Babil,pre-empting the real ones, by slamming airplanes into WTC Twin Towers. Heremembered that the devils, having deceived all mankind, would try to cheattheir way to the Heaven by way of trashing all mankind in big suicidal wars,epidemics, famine etc. that they create while they hide in safe bunkers. The EndPhase of the World in the bedtime story was already happening!

Towards theEnd Phase of the World, the biggest devils wouldbe appearing everywhere,on their quest to trash all mankind so that they can grab the Heaven forthemselves. This is because those who remain at the end phase of the worldwhen Prophet Isa arrives would be blessed with the truth and thus the Heaven (Peoples of Heaven). He tried to find out who these big devils were, which according to the bedtimestory would rise among the deceived followers of Prophet MHMD. Heremembered that the fathers of the leaders of these devils (Gog and Magog) wouldbe using prophetMHMD's name, one would father the Magog (Ma'juj) and more than fiftyof his devils siblings. Another one would father theKing Devil (Gog or Ya'juj) from the vivid bedtimestory. The bedtime story also toldhim that the Kings of Arabia would also be of the devil kind but they would notbe the King Devil. Things started to makesense, Mohamad ben Laden fathered more than the fifty devils including one,Usama (Magog or Ma'juj), the one who would tempt mankind to go into a senselesssuicide war on themountains by bluffing that mankind would go to Heaven if they die in the war. But the bedtime story toldhim that the Arab Mohamad would notfather the King Devil that would 'give life to the kings of Mongols'(later terms), i.e. other big devils(Mongol / Angelmois [french] code = destroyer of misery [to the devils mankind aremisery] / leaders of peoples of the moon [deceived Muslims] ).

Roda Impian Game

He remembered that the King Devil wouldbe buildingvery tall buildings, the tallest in the world, that would later fall like in Babilon from thebedtime story. The tallest buildings in the world were just a few kilometers away fromhim. Herealized that his country's own leader, Dr. Mahathir, was the King Devil, the Gog or Ya'juj,with a Mohamad as his father. He had to expose and confront the King Deviland his hidden devil kingdom as the bedtime story told him to do. The first question was howto do it when he was just a simple poor mankind who had almost next to nothingand would logically be too powerless to confront the King Devil and hishidden kingdom with so much power and resources of all kinds at their disposal. The exposingpart would not be very difficult, because of the advent of the internet he couldjust do a website. He knew that it would not be a physical battle, but itwould be a battle of the mind and faith. But still, the confrontingpart was really mind-boggling with all the odds against him. Heneeded to do the groundwork first, to gain some confidence, before he couldconfront the King Devil and his hidden kingdom.
About that times he stumbled upon the codes that the devils hadstolen from the first man, Adm (usually written as Adam). The stolenSacred Codeswerealready in all computers, the Wingding small letters. When he walked aroundthe city, he realized that the 8-pointed Swastikas were everywhere even on sidewalks. When he looked up at the city's mosque he saw the familiar crescent and 5-sided star#was no longer there. In its place, he saw the 3-pointing upward satanic(Club Med) symbol. When he went around friends' homes, he saw satanicsymbols (supposedly God's name but with the letter 'HA' skewed and open)displayed as decoration in their living rooms. Most 'Muslims' did not knowthat the decorative with the 'HA' skewed and open is Satan's symbol (with 3pointing upwards). He realized that the 'canbe eaten' logo on food packaging were just devils eight-pointed swastika symbols. Herealized the game show Astro's ('sky', remember 'Astor'?) Roda Impian had a new facet with the devils Swastikas colorfully displayed everywhere. He suspected that the Devil King gave order codes usingthe game show ('...from the sky comes a great king of terror') as the Anthrax attacks started after the 'BaluBatu... Bau'episode which was aired for two consecutive days. He noticed that hiscountry was declared as the True Islamic country, even more Islamic than the Arabcountries (strange, unless Islam practiced by Muslims worldwide is just falsehood). He realized that the King Devil started to use 'True Islam'term over and over again. He remembered reading in the Il-Qr'in orsomewhere that say more or less '...finally, they become so proud ofthe truth that they and their forefathers hid from mankind'.

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He realized that Nostradamus was not aprophecy but a Satanic destruction plan by writing 'Nostradamus' in the SacredCodes (nostradamus). When he entered thesupposedly savior Mahadi (mahadi), or Mabus (mabus) names in the Sacred Codes he straight away knew those two characters were the devils'codes for the Suicide Tempter, Magog Usama. As his knowledge of the Sacred Codes improved, he couldeasily check the other probable big devils by entering names into the SacredCodes. About then, the television started to air the satanicadvertisement 'The Heart of Race Unity' where the advertisement oddly promoted bigwar, death, burning and then followed by peace (Armageddon was advertised on television!). Then the 'IN Conversation' talk program startedto air with participation of ASEAN leaders, with across the causeway probably mankind Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong ofSingapore oddly missing. Checking their names with the Sacred Codes, those whoappeared in the program were devils (kings and queens of Mongols), most of them just came topower (Megawati, Thaksin Shinawatra, Macapagal Arroyo and Mahathir). He began to realize that the devilswere very stupid too. The devils knew very little about the Sacred Codes grammar anddid not know the sophisticated mathematical inference rules or the over-writes. Theadvertisement and the talk show not only showed the devils' stupidity but their biggestweaknesses, their over-confidence and over-excitement. Thedevils underrated and underestimated the intelligence of ILLH's best creation, mankind, that theycall mules.

He remembered that the first thing he needed to do was to remove thedevils' protection that allowed them to exist and create miseries all thesewhile, the Mother'sLove. He remembered that the devils would lose the Mother's Love protectionand they would be running around without protection if a single mankind complained toAwa, the first woman, that her devil children intended to kill all her otherchildren, mankind. On 15th October, 2001 about an hour after he complained toAwa, he saw the King Devil collapsed on television live news in which a slightlystunned woman newscaster had to cover it up. What's next? He remembered (wrongly) from the bedtime story thatthe devils would start to perish with a code MHMD in front followed by mankindbehind. So he played around and finally saw that the MNMHMD code in theoriginal Adm's code look like a man laying down revering ILLH (God). He alsostumbled that when the codes was read the other way it says mankind love othermankind. In the Sacred Codes, Loving Others and Revering God are represented by 'I' and 'S', orIS (the True Path, Code 13). Theseare the major codes that ILLH equipped mankind with. These codes were protectionfrom devils codes, not devils destruction codes, he realized later.


He remembered that at the times when the biggestdevils rose, all mankind would be so deceived by the devils up to the point that probably nonewould even know the One True God. He knew that he needed to findthe One True God and ask the True God for Help to get rid of the devils and Satan. He found out thatthe True God's One Name Isnot ALLAH or ALLHA or ELOH (bad names) but ILLH. By that time hestumbled on the IL-KHP in the Il-Qr'in, on how to get rid of thedevils and Satan. He read the IL-KHP and saw his name inmany places. Being an error-prone, he knew he would be making many errors, the IL-KHP gave himsome peace of mind as the IL-KHP told stories that even a prophet, Musa (Moses) madeerrors (forgot) and was impatient, while he was not a prophet but just a simple mankind. He found out the IL-KHPgives some instructions on what and how towrite things. He confronted the Devil King (Gog) using the devil killer'caveman' code mentioned in theIL-KHP by sending e-mails and snail mails (below). It was quite difficult tophrase the confronting letters since he did not know exactly what, how and when thingswould happen. It was just like trying to tell the King Devil Gog 'I amagainst you and your devil kingdom and would fight you and your kingdom startingon this (arbitrary) date. Everything in this world would be on my side. You better surrender to (seek redemption from) ILLH.' while actually youare just a harmless almost nerd-like asshole who havenextto nothing, except a strong faith in ILLH. He prayed to ILLH,'My God ILLH, I know I am just a simple mankind who makes many errors like the others. ILLH, Grace me the Guide unto more correct thing than this. ILLH, Grace methe Safety,only You can give Safety. ILLH, Grace us all mankind the dignity and theTruth. ILLH, Grace us all mankind the Help to fight all thesedevils and Satan, Your Creations, who want to annihilate us all mankind.'.

He found out that the devils and Satan arerepresented by the letter 'l' (misery) in the Sacred Codes. So he tried to make the prayercodes using the Sacred Codes. He tried one combination of Sacred Codeletters after another. The codes prayers to ILLH to destroy devils and Satan and kick them out of this world. He realized that mankind could command anything in this world from the Il-Khp with a caveat of course, ILLH (God) and Only ILLHDecide. ILLH Share with no one in His Decision and Rule. Hecommanded everything in this world to be all up against Satan and the devilsduring their Appointed Time when ILLH would show them the Hell, and then he prayed toILLH the prayer codes everyday. He found out from the Il-Khp that mankind couldtry to calculate when things would happen even though the calculations might be wrong. Anyway the Il-Khp also mentioned that ILLH Know which among two groups which cancalculate more accurately. Hetried to warn his many friends and other mankind who work at the KLCC about thepossibility of the buildings falling using e-mails etc. He realized thatthere are statements that matched the description of the KLCC in the Il-Khp. Did not matter if thedates he picked would be wrong, he just wanted his friends and other mankind to remember,on alert and run for safety if the buildings crumble and hopefully they would spread the warning.

In his calculations, he picked 110, the numberof verses in the Il-Khp, as thenumber of days for the transition (the devils use 110 as transition years and for thenumber of stories of their Towers of Babil, the WTC in New York) from the old erato the new era. He assumed that 'the Appointed Time' would occur in the middleof the assumed transition period, knowing very well 'the Appointed Time'could be after the assumed transition period because the transition period he assumedcould be wrong. When a mankind identified the Gog(Ya'juj) and Magog (Ma'juj)and, confronted the Gog who arose at the beginning of the endphase of the world,they would bethe Last Gog and Magog. The Gog was already over 75 years old andeven under normal natural circumstances without 'the Appointed Time', wouldprobably notlast very long. Also, mankindalready knew how to use the Sacred Codes, in fact much better than the devils,the devils could no longer use the Sacred Codes to create miseries or falsehood unhindered. The devils were already running around withoutany protectionbecause their Mother's Love protection had been removed. The'final act' of the devils, 'finally, they would become so proud of thetruth that they and their forefathers hid from mankind' had alreadyhappened. The Signsthat ILLH Protect mankind were already there when the devils and Satan's plans failed miserably, one after another.

Theplanned supposedly massive suicidal war (the war, just like the False 911 Incident was planned hundreds or thousands of years ago!) that was to spread out of Afghanistan turned out to be a veryconfined tiny war with no big troop deployment and they failed to muster the millions of deceived 'Muslims' to join. Infact, mankind could defeat Magog Usama (and his partner George Bush) by just ignoring his calls for the war andlethim rot in the caves. In the Il-Qr'in, ILLH showed that caves are meantfor peoples like those mankind Believers and their obedient dog companion to hide fromdeceivers who would force them to worship false gods. The cavesare not meant for devil deceivers who hide the truth, invent and promote falsehood, and create miseries. The caves are not meant for those deceivers who belittled+ ILLH by disgracing ILLH's creation,the dogs, mankind's best friends Grace of ILLH, as being unclean anduntouchable. Worse, the caves are not meant for those deceivers who want to trash all of ILLH's best creation, mankind. HigherPeoples may not realize that it is their fate, where they would perish (becauseto them itis mankind who would perish), that is written in the Il-Khp, 'The Cave' of the Il-Qr'in. The war in which thedevils had hoped mankind would be killing each other to extinction, at an average rate of one milliondead a day for 27 years, turned out to last only for just a few days. Talking about errors in this area of the unknown, the devils made 110x error (9855 days divided by about 90 days) on the duration of the tiny war (not big at all), and 6,000,000xerror on the body count. Looks like a badly miscalculated and bungledmankind annihilation conspiracy plan. Could be another Sign that ILLH Protect thepeace-loving peoples, all mankind, who never work on any worldwide conspiracytowards others' misery and destruction.

The simple mankind continues to pray to his God, ILLH the True God, with full conviction. Knowing probably it is only him or maybe a few more others among mankind* who calls God ILLH, just the way prophets called the True God. He continues to pray the Babi Ababilcodes prayer to ILLH, not knowing whether the codes he made up are correct ornot. And not knowing when'the Appointed Time' would be. He believes with full convictionthat ILLH's Words are all true, 'the Appointed Time' would happen and isforthcoming. Knowing that this is the fight of the faith, thegroup (among two) that has more faith in ILLH would prevail.


#The crescent and star symbol is also a falsehood symbol (very ancient Moon Godsymbol), just like the cross etc, given by the Higher Peoples to the deceivedfollowers of Prophet MHMD.

* This website separates peoples intotwo groups, mankind and the 'Higher Peoples'.

+ By disgracing dogs asbeing unclean anduntouchable in a falsehood, the Higher Peoples not only belittled ILLH, but alsoimplied that ILLH's Words are not All True. This is because it contradictsILLH's Words that a dog was mankind Believers' companion. ILLH's Words areAll True - correct, consistent and never contradicting.

** Those who want to see the advanced technology taught by the 'wall' please contact us.

Illustrating two Peoples of True Islam Empires of Constantinople. Below is the 1100 AD Byzantium 'Story of Joshua' with many Peoples of True Islam Swastikas. The middle is a Byzantine era church with a big sun-god symbol under the dome and Satan's 'eye' at the altar. At the bottom is an Ottoman mosque also with a big sun-god symbol under it's dome. Domes, to Peoples of True Islam, symbolize the 'rising sun'.



Click herefor excerpts of the article on the highest compression technology in major newspaper and you will besurprised at the date - the False 911 (Sept 11, 2000) exactly a year before the NewYork's WTC False 911. News available from NorthernLight for US$2.95. If you can get hold of theoriginal print, you can see the technology article at the top and an article onthe Higher Peoples' (a.k.a. devils or dajals) King Gog Mahathir at the bottom end of the print. Or you can get the tape of UMNO Annual General Meeting on 17/6/01 and hear what King Gog Mahathir probably said of this asshole mankind. Could bethat heinadvertently praised his and Higher Peoples' ultimate nemesis (with a word thatto him has a bad meaning in the Sacred Codes of course, 'MASTER' *). Beforethat, the King of the Higher Peoples utilized unsuspecting officials andcalled this asshole mankind on13/6/01 (what a date) for a meeting on k-economy. It is very stupid forKing Gog of the Higher Peoples who think he knows the Sacred Codes to have 'k-economy'(out of the world or finished economy), it should be 'i-economy' (EndPhase of the World economy). Mankind can easily know how stupid the Higher Peoples are bywatching the South-East Asia's Higher Peoples leaders inthe 'IN Conversation' talk series aired by TV3, Malaysia after the WTC NewYork False 911 incident. IN does notmean 'End of the World Destruction' they think it means. Itmeans 'End Destruction' in the Sacred Codes.

NOTES* : 'MASTER' in theSacred Codes means 'To Heaven, Destroy Mankind Herding', i.e. Destroyer of theMARS Project. It was strange for King Gog Mahathir, the current coordinator of the MARSProject, to give his nemesis the MARS Destroyer title. The Higher Peoples need to learnmore about the Sacred Codes grammar. To the King Gog Mahathir, probably 'MASTER' means 'To Heaven, Herd Mankind toDestruction'. Being the coordinator of MARS, the King Gog Mahathir erroneously usesJawa code MARSINEH- 'Death to Destruction (NEH), End (I) MARS'.

Game Roda Impian Bahasa Melayu

REMARKS: Mankind should not be fighting other mankind as the realenemies are the Higher Peoples on a conspiracy to annihilate all mankind andgrab the Heaven for themselves (Terror = Heaven O Heaven, Heaven to Gather). The Higher Peoples should abandon Satan's doctrine and start seeking redemption from the All Loving ILLH. Azazil (Lucifer), 'the Pious One', would not get the Higher Peoples to the Heaven but one way express ticket to the Hell. Those who claim they are children of ILLH, unite themselves with ILLH, BE WARNED, ILLH Has Begotten NO son (child).

The new logo of the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission that used to handle this mankind's technology. Just another Satan's pyramid. Very likely part of True Islam's L.U.C.I.D. Project worldwide.


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