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Ro Guild Emblem Free. Only Guild Leaders can choose and implement Guild Emblems. To put implement a Guild Emblem use the following procedure: 1. Chanda Hai Tu Mera Suraj Hai Tu Remix Mp3 Free Download. Make sure that the image file intended to be used as the Guild Emblem is 24×24 pixel Bitmap (.bmp) format file in at 256 colors (8bit). A simple fantasy emblem editor based on Guild Wars 2 assets. GW2 Emblem Editor. Load Emblem: Load Share Emblem: Preview: 256px 512px 1024px 2048px Randomize. After that open any art or picture program you use and single out the emblem you want to use for your guild. Remember to save the file as BMP format. If this is your first time using guild emblems, go to your Ragnarok folder and create a new folder named 'Emblem'. Inside the 'Emblem' folder is where you want to add in all your guild emblems.

Good guide I found on some website 2 years back..

Index ——————————————————————————

Legend of the Index:
[text] means a short cut for Adobe PS
Understanding the Emblem ——————————————————————————
1) This is a 24×24 pixel Image. It is not a 10000×10000 high quality image, or a 200×200 image. Shrinking anything down will look like ****, usually.
2) You have to start small, Making the emblem big then shrinking it will not work.
3) Pixel text is the best, using some font, and the adobe text edit thing will not work, you must draw the text your self.
4) When shrinking works:
….A) When it is something that will fill the whole 24×24 space (abstract)
……..1) Or if you want to make a 1 pixel border, like a rectangle and the rest transparent.
….B) When you don’t need transparencies, and not using a border
….C) When you have a background like in my example.
….D) When you are a Master Emblem Maker like me. Somethings I can’t do.
To make emblems as well as I do, Adobe Photoshop is required to do so, and for this guide.
Free ro guild emblem download
Your other possibilities for making an emblem are MS Paint. A simple image editing program that comes default with most Windows OS. To start MS Paint in windows go to start>run. type mspaint and hit enter. The rest of this guild does not support the use of MS Paint.
1) Open adobe photoshop. Once open go to file > new [ctrl+n]
3) Now that we have a new small image ready to be worked with, remove that crap in the top left of the canvas (if it is there). [alt+h]. Color the img in with the transparent color for RO. FF00FF is the hex code for it. Use the paint bucket tool on the background layer to do this.
4) Make a new layer. [ctrl+shift+n]. Hit enter. This will be the layer for your white triangular border.
5) now that we have the new layer. select the pencil tool. From the tool menu. If you see a paint brush instead of a pencil click and hold.
6) Use the navigator to enlarge your image, typing in 1600% or dragging the scroll to the left.
7) Like before to change the color to FF00FF, change it to white FFFFFF. Hit Ok and close the box. Start drawing a small rectangle with the pencil tool. Hold shift to make a straight line. Make sure the pencil’s brush size is 1px.
After you have your rectangle you’ll need to color the top and bottom of the image with that FF00FF hot pink. it should look like this. (right now you probably have a layer called “background” that is filled with hot pink. You should trash that layer and be working with “layer1.” Layer 1 has the white box/rectangle in it.)
9)find a stock photo, i suggest “google’s image search”. Im looking for some.. apple pie! Im going to use this image
10)Now that we have found our stock photo, copy it by right mouse clicking and going to copy.
Guild emblem generator
11)To paste the pie into the 24×24 image so that we can work with it, zoom out, the way you zoomed in(see step 6). 100% will be fine. Paste the pie image, [ctrl+v]
11a)now use [ctrl+t], the short cut for free transform.
11b)click a corner of the box that became visible (your mouse should change into while over the corner), hold shift and and drag it inward (holding shift keeps it proportional). When done the pie should be about the same size as the image. Hit enter.
12)Click and drage the pie layer below the white rectange layer.
13)You should now see what is shaping up to be a nice emblem. Now all you need is some “pie” text. Make a new layer and hit [d] to reset the color pallet.
14)Zoom in to 1600% on the new layer. Draw a pixel PIE with the pencil tool.
14a)Give it a white border after you do the black PIE. To give the pie text a white border, make a new layer and drag it below the layer that the black “PIE” text is on. Then using the pencil tool, and making sure the color is white fill in the area behind the black “PIE” text. Just draw that white right on there.
15)Click the move tool, then use the up, left, down, right arrow keys nudge the pie text around. I decided bottom left for mine. It’s up to you where text should go.
16)You are pretty much done at this point. To save it as a 8 bit bmp. go to image > mode > index color. This will flatten the image and reduce it to 8bit. make sure you save it as a psd before you do this (Saving it as a psd before flattening is so you can go back and edit it really easy).
17)Go to file > save or hit [ctrl+s]. Drop down the “Format:” box and select “BMP.”
Tips ——————————————————————————
Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast
This will brighten and make your images stand out more. Make sure you are not on a layer that has the FF00FF pink color. Using this tool on that layer will effect the transparency in RO( itwill make it not transparent)
Image > Adjustments > Color balance [ctrl+b]
This will let you change the image’s color. This tool works really well. If the image isn’t color you want repeat the process. Same warning: don’t use this tool on a layer containing FF00FF.
GuildDownload my Fonts :-

Ragnarok Online Guild Emblem

Link1– Mediafire
Link2– Rapidshare

or download fonts from Google search

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