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Ranked gaming client download

Anyone interested in RGC maphack? I have a private maphack and able to safely run the maphack with RGC, but I don't know if it's worth the effort to put a HWID locked program together. Like this post if you would want to buy a, subscription based, maphack for RGC, and write how much you are willing to pay for it monthly. Open Maphack Program 2. Open Warcraft III Program ( Dot A ) 3. Click Button ' ON' in the Map Hack Program 4. If you use MapHack in Battle Net Ladder Game,. Your Account/CDkey will be Banned little time after. Dota 6.88v3 RGC is the stable map, which is actually played at the moment.


More Previews:

# http://www.mediafire.com/download/6ztw0ww8wkav299/ZodCraft-v3.14.zip
– Bypassed RGC, ZodCraft should work fine on Ranked Gaming Client now. [ http://www.rankedgaming.com ]
– Report any problem in our forum: http://www.garenaworld.com/Thread-Report-problem-about-ZodCraft-GarenaMaster-Here
– All you need to do is: Make sure that maphack is enabled, then start your RGC manually (like you already do) and dont close the zodcraft, then the maphack should work.
– To be safe, is recommended to disable “Make units clickable”, since they use fog click detector.
– PS: It does not bypass the RankedShield yet, dont use it yet in games with the shield!

– Updated Russian (RU) language.
– Few bug fix
– Removed Safe Click for now (its bugged…)
– Removed Read Enemy Chat from Basic version, if you had fatal error even with the basic, please test now and report to me (www.garenaworld.com)…

– Updated French (FR) language.
– Updated Slovak (SK) language.
– Added audio to Slovak (SK) language.
– Removed Map Checker due to problems to few users…
– Few Bugs fix.
– Added new maphack method (Full / Basic) that should work for the few users with problems with the current method (full) like Fatal Erros or Disconnects, but it will have less features (click in “?” inside zodcraft to see what features was removed in this method)

TO-DO: I know that theres still few problems with Read Enemy Chat, ill fix it soon…

– Updated spanish language!
– Removed Armenian (AM) language, due to erros in format
– Added symbols to show what features is unstable and what need war3 restart to take effect
– Fixed problem that mana bar was not disabling even when disable in maphack settings



– Updated Vietnamese (VN) language
– Fixed Shared Fog / Remove All Fog that was inverted.
– Improved Map Checker.
– Added Checkbox “Map Checker” that you can disable in maphack features to force enable specifc features in non-dota maps.
– Fixed problem that the latest map created is not recognized when you close your war3 and try to create the game again.
– Added tips in game with how to fix naix ultimate (disabling the safe click temporary)
– Fixed mini-map fog to be completly removed even when you disabled it in features (bug with Reveal Units on Main Map)
– Fixed Exp Hack ON/OFF that was not working correctly on Garena Plus.
– Added Option to enable/disable Read Enemy Chat on Garena Tab (It work only for garena!!)
– Fixed Read Enemy Chat that was not working in game with more than 3 players.
– Added Sender nick to Read Enemy Chat.
– Added Colored nick to Read Enemy Chat.
– Fixed problem with manabar
– Another fix for Read Enemy Chat, now if for some reason it does not detect the nick (just for precaution) it will display the message without it (may display msg from ally also if it didnt detected the nick)
– Fixed problem that some features was not working due bug with Map Checker, like: Goblin Notifier, Divine Notifier, etc.
– PS: Read Enemy Chat only work for HOSTS!!! and DONT work for HOSTING BOT ALSO!
– PS: All configs will be reseted in this version!!


Default war3 features changed in that version, all ZodCraft configs will be reseted.
– Updated Kazakh (KZ) language.
– Updated Mongolia (MN) language.
– Removed few languages wrong formated or that have problem with encoding.
– Re-added Hero Icon (Enemy/Ally/All).
– Added map checker, if you are not playing dota map, these features will be automatically disabled: Right click to deny, Gem Notifier, Rune Notifier, Roshan Notifier, Divine Notifier, Goblin Notifier, Reveal Selection, Show Naix Ulti, Safe Click.
– Fixed Mana Bar for version 1.24b
– Re-added Alt + F5 to change Mana Bar Status: Disabled / Ally / Enemy / All
– Removed mana bar from building and units.
– Added option to configure if you want that maphack should be enabled by default when game start or not: http://i.imgur.com/xXU02Au.png
– If you disable maphack in-game (Alt F1) it will start disabled in next game until you press Alt F1 again to enable it (even if you restart your war3).
– Added option to configure if you want the fog in the old way “Remove All Fog” or in current way “Shared Fog”, its by default in Remove All Fog: http://i.imgur.com/4TXpTBR.png
– Battle.net should be supported now, please test and report to me.
– Fixed problem with invisible units on mini map.

— To do List:
– Maphack on/off need be tested on others war3 version, some users reported that is not working on 1.24e/d
– Read Enemy chat was reported to not be working on 5×5, i tested it only on 2×1 myself, need test on 5×5

Have more issues that need be fixed? report here:


– Rollback to 3.04 due to disconnections issues, ill fix that and release the 3.05 changes soon.

Rgc Dota Maphack Download

— To do List:
– Maphack on/off need be tested on others war3 version, some users reported that is not working on 1.24e/d
– Read Enemy chat was reported to not be working on 5×5, i tested it only on 2×1 myself, need test on 5×5
– Fix invisible units on minimap
– Fog Mode toogle will be added soon (Shared Fog [current] and Remove All Fog [older version])


Map Hack Dota 1 Rgc

– Added check to make sure that you have the redistmiles on your war3 folder. (avoid problem with maphack not working)
– Fixed ZodCraft crash/abnormal termination after starting garena and trying to switch maphack.
– Improved memory usage after starting garena and auto afk system


– Fixed problem with Windows XP: the procedure entry point SetProcessDPIAware could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.DLL


– Added Kazakh (KZ) language
– Added Armenian (AM) language
– Updated German (DE) language
– Reworked again the interface, to fix problems to users using the zoom feature on windows.
– Improved Enable maphack.
– Re-added Lock Camera Scroll.
– Fixed Default Cam Distance in war3 config.


– GarenaMaster is now named ZodCraft
– Interface completly reworked
– Added beta version for Read Enemy Chat [HOST ONLY] (it will not display the player name yet)
– Garena Client removed (anyone still use it? use the plus instead! it have everything that client have and more!)
– Password encryption improved (Auto AFK System)
– Added Online Users Counter
– Trade Max and Min – minimun value changed from 10 to 1

– Maphack completely rewritten.
– Still compatible with: 1.24b, 1.24c, 1.24d, 1.24e, 1.25b, 1.26a
– Added Colored Invisible Units
– Added Divine Notifier
– Added Gray HP Under fog
– Added Damage Notifier
– Added hotkey [TAB] to Toggle Scoreboard
– Changed Remove FOG on Main Map/Mini Map to Player View Mode.
– Just 1 DLL for maphack, instead of 4, size: 270KB

Rgc dota maphack download

Others maphack features still the same:
– Goblin notifier
– Roshan Notifier
– Hero Lines
– Reveal Enemy Selection (TrueColor)
– Mana Bars
– Etc…

– Farsi Language Updated.
– Russian Language Updated.
– Macedonian Language Updated.
Albanian Language Updated.
– Re-added support to Garena Client (But ONLY for Start Garena, NOT for AFK System!) – Just go to Menu and check what you want to start.
– Fixed Exp Log
– Added option to copy exp log to csv file ( http://i.imgur.com/TWjwn1l.png )
– Added War3 Version Switcher and Advanced War3 Configurator (AWC v3) built in.
– Added link to improve your war3 graphics based on Dota 2 (highly recommended)
– All reported issues fixed.

Ill need help to translate again the maphack features, please 🙂
Heres the changed lines in language files:

_warlist = “Reveal units on Mainmap / Invisibles: Main & Mini / Gray HP under fog”,”Remove FOG on Mainmap”,”Reveal units on Minimap”,”Remove FOG on Minimap”,”Enable Trade / Resource View”,”Make units clickable”,”Reveal Illusions”,”Show Runes”,”Show Skills / Cooldowns”,”Bypass dota -ah”,”Show Pings signal”,”Rune Notifier”,”GEM Notifier”,”Divine Notifier”,”Roshan Notifier”,”Goblin Notifier”,”Reveal Selection”,”ManaBar”,”Show Regen/Speed in number”,”Right Click to Deny”,”Hero Line”,”Show Naix Ulti”,”Instant Game Start”,”Default War3 Loading”,”Damage Notifier”,”Safe Click (1.26a only)”, “Scoreboard Hotkey (TAB)”

_online_users = Online

_trade_max = Trade (Max)

_trade_min = Trade (Min)

_garena_features = Garena Features

_maphack_features = Maphack Features

_exp_log = Exp Log