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Commercial Electromagnetic Modeling Codes

The list below includes software for the calculation of static or quasi-static electric or magnetic fields as well as full-wave electromagnetic field solvers. In order to be included in this list, the software must use numerical techniques to solve some form of Maxwell's equations. Codes are grouped by company. Companies are listed alphabetically.

If you are familiar with other commercial EM modeling software that that should be added to the list, please send the name of the software, the name of the company that sells it, a one-sentence description, and a phone number, e-mail address or hypertext link to [email protected]

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(Last update: January 20, 2021 )

Advanced Electromagnetics

Belcamp, Maryland, USA
Phone: (410) 272-8862

a 3D hybrid MOM/UTD/FDFD code

Altair Hyperworks

100 Exploration Way, Suite 310-B
Hampton VA 23666

A suite of numerical modeling codes including a boundary element method codes that employs a multi-level fast multipole method (MLFMM) accelerator for large problems. The suite also includes a finite element code and high frequency PO/GO/UTD codes.
Formerly a product of CEDRAT/Magsoft, Flux is a finite element software application used for electromagnetic and thermal physics simulations, both in 2D and 3D.


1798 Technology Drive, Ste. 1794
San Jose, CA, 95110

Gauss 2D
A 2D finite difference electromagnetic field solver that allows a user to extract RLGC properties, effective dielectric properties, and electric potentials and fields from a circuit board transmission line geometry.


Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Telephone: (724) 746-3304
Fax: (724) 746-9494

2D and 3D electrostatic, magnetostatic, and low-frequency magnetic finite element analysis codes for electro-mechanical designs.
One of the most well known and powerful 3D full-wave finite element codes, HFSS was originally developed and marketed by AnSoft. After AnSoft was acquired by Ansys, an integral equation solver was added to the HFSS package. Both solvers share a similar user interface.
Q3D Extractor
A 3D static BEM code plus a 2D FEM code for extracting RLCG parameters from electrically small geometries.
SIwave allows an analysis of the power and signal nets of the device to be generated from a physical description of the device, allowing engineers to model not only individual components, but also entire PCBs and package structures.

Applied Simulation Technology

Applied Simulation Technology, Inc.
2025 Gateway Place, Suite 318
San Jose, CA 95110

Signal Integrity
  • ApsimSI - PCB: Advanced Signal Integrity Simulator for PCB
  • ApsimSI - IC: Advanced Signal Integrity Simulator for ICs
  • ApsimPI-LSI: Full Chip Power Integrity considering Silicon Substrate Effects
  • ApsimFDTD: 3D-full wave Electromagnetic Simulator
  • ApsimFDTD-SPICE: Full Wave Non-linear Signal Integrity and EMI Solution
  • ApsimFDTD-SPAR: Full Wave Electromagnetic Solver
  • ApsimDELTA-I: Ground/Power Plane Noise Simulator
  • ApsimSPE: Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI Simulator.
  • ApsimRADIA: EMC/EMI Radiated Emission Noise Simulation.
  • ApsimRADIA-WB: Design Workbench for EMI Analysis.

Aurora Software

Aurora Software and Testing
Phone: +34 96 354 32 63
Fax: +34 96 354 36 33
E-mail: [email protected]

FEST3D is a microwave circuit analysis tool that employs the boundary element method. It also employs a Boundary Integral-Resonant Mode Expansion (BI-RME) method to extract the modal components of waveguides with arbitrary cross-section.

CapExt AS

Trondheim, Norway
E-mail: [email protected]

Easy to use, fast and physically accurate capacitance extractor/simulator for PCBs. 3D electrostatic simulation for designs of any size. Supports standard Gerber files, suitable for simulations for capacitive touch and sensitive analog designs.

Cadence Design Systems

2655 Seely Avenue
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: (408) 943-1234

Clarity 3D Transient Solver
The Cadence Clarity 3D Transient Solver is a 3D finite difference time domain (FDTD) electromagnetic (EM) simulation software tool for simulating complex systems and sub-systems.
Sigrity PowerSI
Frequency domain analysis of chip packages and circuit board geometries integrated with the Allegro board layout software.
Microwave Office
Microwave Office design suite is a design environment that incorporates: circuit simulators, EM analysis tools, layout-schematic checks, statistical design capabilities, and parametric cell libraries with built-in DRC. The primary applications for this software are microwave IC, MMIC, package, module, and PCB designs. The EM analysis tools include AWR's own EM Sight™ 3D planar MoM closed boundary solver as well as access to MOM 3D planar and FEA/FDTD 3D EM codes from third party vendors like CST, Vector Fields, Zeland and more.
Analyst is a finite element electromagnetic analysis package that was formerly developed and marketed by Simulation Technology & Applied Research, Inc. AWR acquired the company in 2009.
AXIEM open boundary, 3D planar MOM software is the most recent addition to AWR's product portfolio. AXIEM 3D planar EM simulator is used for modeling planar structures common to RF PCBs and modules, LTCC, MMIC, and RFIC designs.


Burlington, MA
Tel: +1-781-273-3322
Fax: +1-781-273-6603
e-mail: [email protected]

COMSOL Multiphysics AC/DC Module
2D and 3D static, and low-frequency (quasi-static) analysis tools based on the finite element method. The AC/DC Module provides an interface with SPICE circuit lists where you choose circuit elements for further 2D or 3D FEA modeling.
COMSOL Multiphysics RF Module
Full-wave field solver based on the finite element method. The RF Module includes post-processing features such as S-parameter computation and far-field analysis.

Dassault Systemes

CST Studio Suite
A collection of 3D field solvers using various methods including finite element method (FEM) the finite integration technique (FIT), and the transmission line matrix method (TLM).
Fest3D is a software tool for analyzing complex passive microwave components based on waveguide and coaxial cavity technology. It employs an Method of Moments solver plus a Boundary Integral-Resonant Mode Expansion (BI-RME) method.
Opera Simulation Software is a Finite Element Analysis software suite which, with its strength in low frequency simulation, is extremely useful for the design of magnets, electric motors and other electrical machines.

DL1PBD & DL2KQ Partnership

Sebastianstrasse 8
53115 Bonn, Germany
e-mail: [email protected]

MMANA-GAL (Pro Version)
A Microsoft Windows program, based on the method of moments, for simulating wire antennas This is based on NEC2 and is an enhanced version of the free MMANA-GAL program.

Electro Magnetic Applications

Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc.
PO Box 260263
Denver, CO USA 80226
Phone: 303 980 0070
Fax: 303 980 0836
E-mail: [email protected]

EMA3D is a general purpose, 3D FDTD code.
MHarness is a FDTD code for multi-conductor transmission lines and cable harnesses.

ElectroMagneticWorks, Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone: 514 489 5473
Fax: 514 489 3505
E-mail: [email protected]

EMS is a 3D-field simulator for low frequency electromagnetic and electromechanical applications. EMS combines a high level of functionality and accuracy with ease-of-use, and is applicable in a wide variety of designs.
EMWorks 2D
Two-dimensional electric and magnetic field solvers.
HFWorks is a fully 3D field simulator for RF, Microwave, and Wireless applications. These applications include: dielectric resonators, oscillators, tuning elements, waveguide twists and bends, waveguide tees, directional couplers, isolators, circulators, attenuators, antennas, high Q filters, etc.

ELF Corporation

Osaka 556-0004, JAPAN
FAX +81-6-6634-2803

A 3D Non-Linear Static Magnetic Field Solver (Japanese language)
A 3D Non-Linear Static Electric Field Solver (Japanese language)

EMAG Technologies

775 Technology Drive
Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone: 734-996-3624
Toll Free: 800-996-EMAG

A suite of computational modules for solving a wide range of EM analysis and RF design problems. Runs under the Windows operating system.

EM Simulation Systems

Email: [email protected]

EM Slice
Software primarily for antenna pattern calculation that includes an FDTD solver. This company is based in Australia.


Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Phone: +995 32 38-90-91
Fax: +995 32 38-90-92
E-mail: [email protected]

EMCoS Studio
EMC Studio is a program suite for the calculation of the EMC behavior of large systems like automobiles, ships or planes. It focuses on the EMC calculation of cable harnesses with nonlinear terminations and antennas in combination with metallic surface structures. The program combines 2D and 3D field calculation methods with transmission line codes and network analysis. 2D MAS (Static2D), 3D dynamic MoM (TriD), 3D static MoM (Static3D), MTL codes for cable cross-talk/ coupling/ radiation calculation and a network analysis code are combined in this program suite.
Harness Studio
Harness Studio includes different tool-sets for visualization and checking of harness data.


Durham, NC USA
[email protected]

Moderately priced 3D FDTD software with a user-friendly interface and ability to create animations.
Moderately priced introductory 3D FDTD software with a user-friendly interface and ability to create animations.
Cavity resonance model calculator for determining circuit board power/ground plane impedances.


Roy Lewallen
[email protected]

A Windows-based code that runs a graphical user interface over the NEC2 or NEC4 codes. NEC2 and NEC4 are moment method codes that excel at wire grid modeling. NEC4 distribution is limited.

FastFieldSolvers S.R.L.

Via de Castillia, 7
20871 Vimercate (MB) Italy

A Windows port (with bug fixes) of the popular open-source static moment method code, FastCap, designed to calculate the capacitance of 3D geometries. Can be downloaded at no charge after registering on the FastFieldSolver.com website.
A Windows port (with bug fixes) of the popular open-source static moment method code, FastHenry, designed to calculate the inductance of 3D geometries. Can be downloaded at no charge after registering on the FastFieldSolver.com website.
An enhanced version of FastCap with 2D and 3D simulation engine, automatic mesh refinement and various other enhancements.


Shiodome City Center
1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-7123

Poynting for Microwave
The Poynting for Microwave electromagnetic wave analysis software runs under the Windows operating system and is equipped with various functions for high-frequency wave analysis. This product employs a solver based on the FDTD method and a graphical user interface.

Field Precision

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Phone: 505-220-3975
Fax: 505-294-0222

A low-cost 3D electrostatic field solver.
A low-cost tool for 3D finite-element magnetostatic calculations
Calculates RF electric fields in 2D conductive dielectrics using the finite-element method.
Calculates RF electric fields in 3D conductive dielectrics using the finite-element method.

Golden Engineering

Email: [email protected]

Relatively inexpensive conformal wire grid modeling software based on a method of moments solution of the electric field integral equation.

Grating Solver Development Company

Allen, TX, USA
Phone: (972)727-8008 (voice/FAX)
e-mail: [email protected]

Antenna Solver
Antenna Solver (copyright 1999 by Dr. David Fluckiger, KJ5AT) calculates the current density and charges for general wire structures including surfaces. The Antenna Solver calculation engine (algorithms) are modeled directly on the public domain NEC2 code (Numerical Electromagnetics Code - Method of Moments) from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The original NEC2 code was written in FORTRAN, and that user interface is control card deck oriented. The NEC2 algorithms in Antenna Solver have been entirely rewritten in C++, using dynamic array allocation.
Grating Solver
GSOLVER calculates diffracted fields and diffraction efficiencies from plane wave illumination of grating structures.


Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)2842-981-0
Fax: +49 (0)2842-981-199

Empire XCcel
Empire XCcel is a commercial 3D FDTD speed-optimized code with a 3D geometry editor and mesh generator which covers passive RF applications. A free 30-day trial version is available.

Integrand Software

391 Springfield Avenue
Suite 3B
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
Phone: (908) 517-0748
E-mail: [email protected]

EMX is an electromagnetic simulator for high-frequency, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuits employing a planar 3D, integral equation solver.

Integrated Engineering Software

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 204-632-5636

A 2-D magnetostatic solver with permanent magnet (PM) capability using the boundary element method (BEM)
A 2-D electrostatic solver using the boundary element method (BEM)
A 3-D magnetostatic solver with permanent magnet (PM) capability using the boundary element method (BEM)
A 3-D electrostatic solver using the boundary element method (BEM)
A 2-D low-frequency time-harmonic magnetic field solver with permanent magnet (PM) capability using the boundary element method (BEM)
A 3-D time-harmonic eddy current analysis based on the (BEM)
A 3-D code employing the boundary element method
A 3-D FDTD solver

JCMwave GmbH

D-85640 Putzbrunn, Germany
Tel.: +49(0)89 460 65 68,
E-mail: [email protected]

A suite of finite element codes designed to model the propagation and scattering of light.

The Japan Research Institute,Ltd.

16 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 3288 4765
Fax: +81 3 3288 4770
E-mail: [email protected]

JMAG-Designer set of 2 and 3D finite element codes with a user-friendly interface. Currently it can analyze the following kinds of problems:
- magnetic fields (frequency & time domain)
- heat conduction
- electric fields
- electric charge distributions
- electromagnetic waves
- superconductor materials
- coupled analysis involving circuits, heat, motion and structural analysis.

Keysight EDA

Electromagnetic simulation of arbitrarily-shaped, passive three-dimensional structures using the Finite Element Method. EMDS is integrated into Keysight's Advanced Design System (ADS), a suite of simulation tools for electronic design automation. The previously available stand-alone version has been superseded by EMPro.
Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is an EM simulator employing both FDTD and FEM solvers for analyzing the electromagnetic effects of RF and microwave components such as high-speed IC packages, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects.
Genesys is a planar-3D electromagnetic simulator based on the method of lines that analyzes linear RF and microwave circuit board components such as filters, multiplexers, amplifiers, combiners/dividers and printed antennas.
Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator
Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator is a method-of-moments, 3D-planar EM simulator, enhanced with NlogN and multi-threading solver algorithms.


11951 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: (571) 526-6000

A suite of specialized computational electromagnetic modeling tools.

MagneForce Software Systems

Hamburg, NY, USA
Tel: (716) 646-8577
Fax: (716) 646-1973
E-mail: [email protected]

MagneForce Software Systems
MagneForce Software Systems produces simulation software for the rotating electric machine industry. This software simulates both the machine and its corresponding drive/load circuitry together to capture the full effects of magnetic, spatial and time based harmonics. The software employs finite element analysis for the magnetic field calculation and various time based circuit solution techniques for the circuit simulation portion of the analysis.

MEM Research

Spoltore, Italy
Phone +39 347 8279009

This tool is an integral equation-based full wave simulator, using a new approach: the Generalized Transverse Resonance Diffraction (GTRD), addressing the solution of quasi-planar multilayer circuits. Unlike the several MoM techniques commercially available for planar structures, this simulator is a truly 3D device, accounting for the finite-thickness and finite conductivity of the conductors.


Mician GmbH
Schlachte 21
28195 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 (421) 168 993 51
E-mail: [email protected]

μWave Wizard
μWave Wizard is an EM modeling tool optimized for microwave circuits and components. It's primary solver uses a mode-matching technique, but is also includes a 3D FEM solver.

Non-Linear Control Strategies

Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: (520) 888-5920
Fax: (520) 888-5901
E-mail: [email protected]

Sim3D_Max™ FDTD Simulator
This simulation package, which implements the FDTD algorithm on a non-uniform mesh, is designed to run as a stand-alone program as well as in conjunction with DIFFRACT™. It solves for PML, PEC, periodic and Floquet-Bloch boundary conditions and can be used with plane wave, Gaussian, dipole, waveguide and user-defined sources.

OptEM Engineering, Inc.

Calgary, Canada
Phone (403) 289-0499

OptEM Cable Designer
OptEM Cable Designer is a frequency dependent quasi-stationary EM analysis tool for modeling multi-conductor flex, unshielded twisted-pair and twisted-pair cables. Output results generated include S-parameter plots such as FEXT, NEXT, and return loss; text reports with transmission parameters, attenuation, and characteristic impedance; also available are 3D viewing, W-element SPICE models, temperature variation analysis, and a measurement modification facility for back annotation of measurement data.
OptEM Inspector
OptEM Inspector is a layout-to-circuit device and interconnect RC extraction tool for deep submicron (DSM) analog, digital and mixed signal IC designs with the ability to extract device substrate resistance in addition to the interconnect resistance and 3D capacitances. The extraction methods used by Inspector incorporate 3D and heuristic 2D techniques. Circuit reduction techniques are used to reduce the size and complexity of the circuit models generated. The circuit models include 2D and 3D capacitance, interconnect resistance, substrate resistance, and device parasitics.

PDE Solutions

10620 E 46th Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99206 USA
Phone: +1 (509) 891-0160
FAX: +1 (509) 891-0239
E-mail: [email protected]

Flex PDE
FlexPDE solves linear or nonlinear partial differential equation systems in one, two or three space dimensions with moving mesh capability. Steady state, time dependent or eigenvalues. 3D domains are layered extrusions of 2D figures. Student version is available free of charge for educational use.


7000 North Valley St Suite #B
Anaheim, CA 92801 USA
Phone: (650) 687-7638

3D/2.5D time-domain electromagnetic modeling software for planar-circuit and antenna simulation
Time-domain Field-Device-Circuit coupled simulation


QWED Sp. z o.o.
ul. Nowowiejska 28 lok. 32
02-010 Warsaw
tel.: (+48) 22 625 73 19
fax.: (+48) 22 621 62 99
e-mail: [email protected]

QuickWave-V2D, further also referred by an abbreviation QW-V2D, utilizes a conformal FDTD method in a vector two-dimensional formulation, expressed in cylindrical coordinates.
QuickWave-3D, further also referred by an abbreviation QW-3D, is a three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation package based on a conformal FDTD method and supplemented with a range of models for curved boundaries, media interfaces, modal excitation, and parameter extraction.

Remcom Inc.

315 S. Allen St. Suite 222
State College, PA 16801
Phone: 814-861-1299
Fax: 814-861-1308
[email protected]
[email protected]

3D full-wave Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) software with an X/Motif graphical interface.
a general purpose ray-based electromagnetic analysis tool suitable for high frequency radiation, antenna, and EMC applications. XGtd combines GTD, UTD, and Surface Rays.

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 1 245 9700
Fax: +41 1 245 9779

Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) / thermal solver combined with a GUI for analysis, optimization and synthesis of antennas embedded in complex environments, EMC and dosimetry

Siemans EDA

2D/3D magnetostatic, electrostatic, eddy current, and transient analysis
a low-frequency electric field solver
HyperLynx Fast ED Solver
3D electrostatic and magnetostatic solvers for extracting RLCG package parasitics.
HyperLynx Full-Wave Solver
(formerly IE3D from Zeland Software) a full wave, method of moment, 3D and planar electromagnetic simulation and optimization package for circuit and antenna applications.

Sonnet Software Inc.

North Syracuse, NY, USA
Phone: +1 (315) 453-3096
Toll Free: 1-877-7SONNET

Sonnet Lite
free software for modeling predominantly planar structures.
Sonnet Suites
3D moment method software optimized for predominantly planar structures. (e.g. microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits and modules or even multi-layer PCBs)

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg

Hamburg, Germany

A 3D electromagnetic code using a frequency-domain MoM method based on the EFIE and MFIE. Metallic and dielectric structures can be modeled. Applications include simulation of shielding problems (with and without apertures), cables and lines within metallic structures (combination of MoM and transmission line theory), and Printed Circuit Boards. For treating large structures, the code has been hybridized (MoM and Physical Optics). The software runs on PC platforms under LINUX and on workstations under UNIX variants. The code has been parallelized for multiprocessor PCs and PC clusters. GUI monitors facilitate the application.

Tech-X Corporation

Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: +1 (303) 448-0727

A 3D FDTD code that can handle a variety of material types.

Tera Analysis

Tarzana, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 831-9662

A relatively easy-to-use 2D finite element modeling code. A shareware version for students is available.

Wave Computation Technologies

1800 Martin L. King, Jr. Pkwy
Ste. 204,
Durham, NC 27707, USA

Wavenology EM
Wavenology EM is a general-purpose 3D full-wave based field-circuit-particle co-simulation software package for the design of high-speed electronic circuits, smart antenna systems, non-linear quantum, RF/microwave and optical devices. Wavenology EM utilizes 3D full-wave domain decomposition and discontinuous Galerkin techniques combining the enlarged cell technique (ECT, an improved version of the conformal finite difference time-domain method (FDTD)), spectral element time-domain (SETD) method, and finite-element time-domain (FETD) method to simulate electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering behaviors in complex multiscale environments. It also combines SPICE circuit solver and particle in cell trajectory solver within the full-wave package so that the user can perform codesign of circuit controlled, reconfigurable transmitters and receivers, investigate system-level non-linear EMC/EMI issues and model novel quantum devices.


Serbia, Europe
Telephone: +381 11 2124 656
Fax: +381 11 301 56 55
E-mail: [email protected]

A frequency domain Method of Moments code for analyzing arbitrary 3D structures.
WIPL-D Microwave Pro
A tool that integrates WIPL-D Pro 3D EM solver and WIPL-D Optimizer.
WIPL-D 2D Solver
WIPL-D 2D Solver is integrated with WIPL-D Pro, so that arbitrary cross-section from a 3D model with material specifications can be easily extracted for 2D electromagnetic analysis.
Time-Domain Solver
A time-domain add-on tool for WIPL-D Pro 3D EM Solver for transient analysis of 3D structures. The time-domain response is calculated based on frequency domain simulation in WIPL-D Pro and the Fourier transform. The tool is integrated into WIPL-D Pro so the frequency domain simulation and conversion to time-domain are performed automatically.

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If you are familiar with other commercial EM modeling software that that should be added to the list above, send the name of the software, the name of the company that sells it, a one-sentence description, and a phone number, e-mail address or hypertext link to [email protected]


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