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We proudly use Pool Studio, the industry leader in professional 3D swimming pool design software.With Pool Studio’s one of a kind, interactive 3D presentation, you will be fully immersed in your future backyard. You will be able to see every detail in real time 3D to clearly and accurately experience the layout of your new backyard. Design choices that are hard to imagine such as the surface.

Created a new yard for a client that currently has a yard full of grass and mud. In the video you will see a 16x32 inground pool with a four foot sun ledge f. Pool Estimates are now fast and easy with new custom forms and pool price calculator A stand-alone estimator with no design program needed (or use as companion for any design program!) Estimate any project or plan in minutes! Estimate your pool designs, new builds & remodels in minutes and put an end to your tedious methods.

For those uninterested in a cookie-cutter swimming pool design, but instead searching for something a little more custom and a little more personal, pool design software solutions are a must have.

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At the same time, sifting through all of the different pool design software programs available on the market today can lead to quite a bit of headache and hassle.

Finding the right one for your needs, easy enough to use and to navigate without having to be a landscaping mastermind, doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle.

Below we highlight the top 14 options available right now that you’ll want to seriously consider moving forward, helping you build the pool of your dreams without frustration.

Let’s jump right in!

Note that the list below is in no particular order.

Table of Contents


NCH Software


Not exclusively a swimming pool design software, the NCH Dream Plan Home Designer gives you an opportunity to build the home of your dreams with very user-friendly tools – including all the tools and features you need to custom design a swimming pool, too.

Best of all, if you have an image of your floor plans (or blueprints available) you can use the “Trace Mode” configuration to import your home almost automatically.

From there, designing how you want your pool to work with your exterior space in conjunction with your already existing home becomes almost effortless.

On top of that, you do not have to have a ridiculously powerful computer to run NCH Software. Any PC that supports Windows XP and above and has at least 64 MB of video card memory will be good to go.

Idea Spectrum

Award-winning landscaping software designed with professionals in mind, many homeowners and DIY hobbyists that want to improve their outdoor landscaping find this platform to be very easy to use, very accessible, and filled with tools and tips to make the most of their swimming pool designs.

Unlike a lot of other options out there, you will not have to pay a monthly or yearly license to make the most of Idea Spectrum, either.

A single one time fee gets you the application you need to start designing the swimming pool of your dreams – and one of the best homeowner landscaping software in the industry starts at just $99.95.

Structure Studios

Structure Studios software just might be the most impressive of all the options out there, particularly thanks to its unique render engine that imports all of your two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional renders that look like real life.

A lot of this software has been built from the ground up from a drag and drop kind of design perspective. This means you don’t have to handle all kinds of calculations on your own, and you don’t have to worry about the math of how everything shakes out when designing your pool.

Pool Studio 3d Pool Design Software Crack Website 2017

Instead can sort of “draw” your dream swimming pool in a virtual backyard and allow Structure Studios to handle all of the heavy lifting of creating plans from your 3D creations to work off of in the real world.

The Pool Studio component of this software includes thousands of prebuilt resources you can use to create your dream swimming pool, automatically detecting changes, recalculating settings, and making sure everything is feasible in the real world, too.

Pool Templates

A lightning fast pool design software solution, you’ll be able to draw completely custom pool projects for your backyard quickly and effortlessly – but more than that, you’ll be able to convert those pool designs into sales and construction plans that work in the real world, too.

The ability to quickly move from a 3D concept to a one-dimensional permit plan with a highly detailed (and highly accurate) job estimate means you can create your dream swimming pool inside of this software to fit your budget and your construction timelines perfectly.

You’ll be able to eliminate a lot of the guesswork that goes into creating a custom swimming pool with this solution, all at a very affordable price point. That’s tough to beat!

Mix in the predesigned semi custom pool layouts that you can tinker with and toy with, templates that give you a head start on your custom design, and this is a bit of a no-brainer.

Design Your Pool

If you are really looking to create a swimming pool in two-dimensional and three-dimensional renders as quickly as possible there may not be able faster solution out there than the Design Your Pool set up.

You’ll start off selecting a variety of different pool shapes (with nearly a dozen different options to pick from, including free-form pool drawings you create on your own) before moving through another series of step-by-step selections that get you to your dream pool in a hurry.

Behind the scenes this tool continues to build all of the important details that go into making your pool a reality, and at the end of your walk-through you’ll be presented with a render of your pool as well as detailed drawings and blueprints that can be used by swimming pool builders to install this in your backyard.



Built on the back of Microsoft Visio, one of the most feature-rich visual design software options out there on the market today, this third-party add-on specifically revolves around helping you create the ultimate swimming pool in your backyard.

Whether you’re looking to digitally draw or sketch out your new swimming pool, flush it out in more of a one-dimensional fully colored design, or want to take things to the next level and produce 3D renders or artistic interpretations of your swimming pool – all of which can be condensed down to construction plans and detailed estimates – Pool Draw has you covered.

You’ll obviously need to have Microsoft Visio installed on your device to make the most of this add-on, but if you do this is definitely an approach to consider.

Your Pool Plans

The coolest thing about Your Pool Plans is that it is a bit of a hybrid platform between pool design software that give you total freedom to create and engineer the pool of your dreams and a library of thousands of swimming pool templates (many of them user generated) that you can custom tailor or use “right out of the box”.

Your Pool Plans probably states that their whole reason for being in business is to help homeowners save between 25% and 45% on their dream swimming pool, cutting out the middleman and the design fees that most would have to deal with through the tools and templates they provide.

Packages are designed to give you 3D and 2D pool plans as well as city permit plans, site survey plans, HOA ready plans, engineering spec checklists, and a whole lot more.

Premier Pools and Spas

For more than 30 years, Premier Pools and Spas has been one of the nation’s largest pool building companies, providing the kind of wisdom and expertise in the design and construction of swimming pools that you just won’t find elsewhere.

Swimming pool design software

The coolest thing about the design tools provided by this platform is that you aren’t only going to be able to use their technology to create your own pool – but you’ll be able to work hand-in-hand with these experts to make a dream pool plan that viable, that fits your budget, and that is going to give you years and years of enjoyment when it’s built in your backyard.

Hayward (Mydreampool)

You can use the software at this site to build your dream pool. You start by uploading a picture of your backyard. Then you can choose the shape of the pool you want to build. You can choose a standard shape or you can customize it to a shape you want.

Once you have it selected, you can choose your coping and decking to see how it looks. You can even add landscaping to really see how it will look. This is a great way to see how your pool will look before you make a commitment to build it.

Pool studio 3d pool design software crack website free

NPT Backyard App

NPT Backyard App offers an app for either Apple or Android users, and it allows you to design your virtual pool.

You start with the shape of your pool, and you can choose from five types that are popular with their builders. You can customize the shape with stair locations and placement.

You can select your pool tile as well, and they have a range of styles from glass to tiles in different patterns.

You can then choose your finish, your coping, and your pavers to go around the pool. You can use augmented reality to build the pool of your dreams, and then you can send it to a builder to make it a reality. This is a great way to know what you are getting before you start.

Latham Pool Visualizer App

3d Swimming Pool Design software, free download

Latham Pools offers a visualizer where you can choose a shape and see how your pool would look. You can start by uploading a picture of your yard.

Then you can choose a pool shape. You can add the style of pool liner that you want, and it will show you how your pool will look in your yard.

They have a lot of information for you so you will understand the entire process. There are a lot of shapes to choose from as well as different steps. You can completely customize your pool, and their resources will answer any questions that you might have.

Rising Sun Pools

Rising Sun Pools and Spas is another company that offers an app so that you can visualize your pool before you build it.

Their interactive pool builder on their website allows you to select the size and shape for your pool, try out different water colors, and compare options for decks, coping, landscaping and pool lights.

When you find the design you want, you can submit it and they will send you an email with all of the details for your pool, including an estimated price range.

3d Pool Design Software Free

They also have experts and offer financing options, so you can go through the entire process on their website.

DreamPlan Home Design Software Free

DreamPlan Home Design software is available for PC users, and it allows you to do more than design a pool.

You can create an entire home from scratch. You can use their templates or customize your design. You can build a home, decks, roofing, landscaping, and a pool.

You can view it in 3D, 2D, and Blueprint modes, and you can use it for a new build or to remodel. You can also look at specific types of landscaping to see how they will look around your pool. When you finish, you can print out the design or save it to your computer.


This is an app for homes and interior design. You can use it for Windows, Mac, or IOS. It is design software that lets you build floor plans or/and 3D features, including a pool for your home.

This app is particularly useful if you are creating a new home with a pool, and it will show you how it looks. It is easy to use, and you can start building on the app as soon as you download it.

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PRO-SUITETM is the Pool Industry add-in software for Pool Builders!

3d Swimming Pool Design Software

Create any design style
• Design in top view or in 3D
• Freely edit in 2D or 3D!
• Create
1D Layout Plans!
Instant 3D
• Realtime walkthroughs
• Day and night visualization
• Includes tutorials
• Print to scale
• Layer support
• 1000s of plants, trees
• Landscaping, gardens
• Fencing, gates, decks
• Sprinklers & irrigation
• Extensive outdoor lighting

Pool Studio 3d Pool Design Software Crack Website Free

• Sound, motion, wind
• Create HD movies
• Superimpose backgrounds
• Integrated picture editor
• Import digital photos
• Import custom materials
• Import custom models
• Plant growth tool
• 3D house design (exterior)
• Deck building tool

• New 3D Photo-Imaging!
• Flagstone, brick, pavers
• Fireplaces & kivas
• Raised pool wall tool
• Patio furniture
• Realistic lighting shadows
• Realistic water & fire
• Pools, spas and ponds
• Custom fence styles
• Slope, hill & terrain
• Custom boulders and rocks

Free 3d Swimming Pool Design Software

ESI Pool Tile library!
• Create
watercolor plans
• VR reality goggle ready
(Oculus Rift compatible!)
• 4K monitor support
• Realtime Landscape
Pro or Architect required
(or Visio if 1D only)

Swimming Pool Design Software

Click Pics for new Features:

Create Geometric Designs

Freeform Lagoon Styles
Realistic Rock Features

Custom slides & grottos

More Pool Items Materials
Graphic enhancements

4K filter effects
New Biodesign Sand Pool design

Sunken bars, kitchens, grottos

New Mosaic tiles for pools

Click above picture to see how easy it is to add and edit your custom water-features!