Please Insert A Playstation 2 Format Disc Iso

Please insert a playstation 2 format disc iso file
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If you are familiar with Command line, you can use the diskpart to format a hard drive, SD card, and USB drive to exFAT file. Insert the disk you want.

Please insert a playstation or playstation 2 format disc

Please Insert A Playstation 2 Format Disc Isolation

Need help!!!
been dying...trying to run my SRW Alpha 3 DVD but PCSX2 just cant seem to load the game.
I have googled this and the results hardly come with a solution, at most an explanation about what system.cnf is about and its purpose... and people who had faced this problem.
SRW Alpha 3 is playable and in the Compatibility List at
I am using PCSX2 ver. 0.9.5. i have the latest plugins and the BIOS needed as well. there is no other error...except that 'System.cnf not found'.
i have tried running both from DVD and using DVD Decrypter to make an ISO file of it - both just won't start the game.
is there something wrong?
and my PC SPECS is Mid-High/Above most i should expect to get 20-30FPS. but i just want to try the game out and see for myself.
I hope someone can quickly offer a solution to this.
Thank You.
Alright. i solve the 'system.cnf not found' problem.
For the sake of those who are also facing this, i will share with how i did it.
you have to 'OPEN ELF file' and the file MAY not be in .ELF format.
it may be in '.57' or '.37' (thats what i got) or something else...if there are more. the file's name may start with 'SLPS.....' or something else...i found a website and a guy stated that there's about 6 or 7 types. couldn't find it back...lost it...damn! This actually indicates whether to use NTSC or PAL...which is related to your BIOS i believe, since i saw these 2 abbreviations on the BIOS' file names too.
Well...sadly...nobody knows what is whether SLPS is for PAL BIOS? yea...hard to i guess there's probably hardly anyone with this problem and if there is no problem...then there is no need to explain further. Food for thought...yea?
Also, System.cnf basically is like Autorun.ini. it contains a list of instructions for the emulator to that it will know which file to load and then run the game. thats why its only 57bytes---> not KB. open with notepad and you will see.
always 'Enable Console' and then start debugging or look out for any error messages. thats the way out of any problem...i guess.
***Do take note that have to UNTICK 'Enable Console' mentioned by others in other forums, so as to run the game. just switch to and fro. that's it
***For those who solve the 'System.cnf not found' problem and lead you to this problem =
'XML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnach (what is that?)...
patch file for this game not found.Can't apply any patches'
Untick the 'Enable Patch' in 'Misc' of your PCSX2.
however, some games ....i think...according to what i have research so need patching.
there are some 'user-made patches' found in itself. and not all games have it and you cant request them for it. Illegal? guess so. what other reasons are there? None of their business? hahah....i not sure about that. but they did put a warning already.
Alright...i have a new problem now --> the game...somehow i running. just that...its a black screen and no matter how long i wait, it will always be a black screen.
IF this person can run SWR3 -->
i don't see why i cant when he is clearly using PCSX2 as well, clearly not reverse engineering or whatever stuff.
Seems like running PCSX2 is not as easy as putting a CD into a box or CDRom...huh?
So anyone can help me out now? Black screen of Patience or what do i do with it?
Thanks for those who have viewed this post....
that's the least i can....give thanks for....
[EDIT][EDIT] 2nd time editing...since there's no other post besides mine.
Alright...manage to get out of the black screen problem
what i did was to change the file extension of SLPS_255.37 to SLPS_255.ELF
i also have to change the system.cnf--->inside which reads:
***The first line***
BOOT2 = cdrom0:SLPS_255.37;1 ---> BOOT2 = cdrom0:SLPS_255.ELF;1
save it. then i use PowerISO to create an ISO image file.
I tried to follow all the configurations provided in the youtube link provided above.
and now my problem is this ---> 'Please insert a Playstation or Playstation 2 format disc'
any ideas?
[EDIT][EDIT][EDIT] (its beginning to feel like a logbook rather than a post....)
anyway, yea...i tried changing BIOS and gave different outcomes.
problem is...i only have at most the original from my PS2 and
1 which came together with PCSX2 when i downloaded from some bittorrent websites.
USA one gave that 'please insert....' error
JAP was okay....but still didnt run the game.
problem is...the guy who uploaded that youtube above...didn't state his BIOS settings.
and you can barely or hardly make out what BIOS he was using.
from my Observation skills....probably Europe. not sure though. too blur to make it out.

Playstation 2 Format Disc Download

Please insert a playstation 2 format disc iso filePlaystation 2 format disc download

Please Insert A Playstation 2 Format Disc Iso Code

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  3. This simply means that you must put in a Playstation or Playstation 2 disc. The 'format' part is a process in which computers make it so the hardware that is reading the disc is compatible with the disc that it's reading. Yes, your GS disk is PS2 formatted. Try standing PS2 up vertically.