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May 25, 2019 Pilsner Urquell Clone Game controls: Mouse 'Undress me!' - choose on of three beauties and try to get her to take off all her clothes due to your goo perception when catching bottles of beer. Pilsner urquell tastes better with foam A thick head of dense, wet foam seals in the freshness, protects our delicate flavours from oxygen and creates the. Pilsner Urquell Undress Me Use your mouse to collect the following beer bottles. The more you collect the more clothes the sexy babe that you selected will take off. You can get her totally naked but be careful - if you drop a bottle the game can end. Game Information Author: Unknown Description: Use your mouse to collect the following beer. Pilsner Urquell Game Hacked Unblocked Main gate of thePilsner Urquell ( IPA:,: Plzeňský prazdroj IPA: ) is a Czech brewed by the in (Pilsen). Pilsner Urquell was the world’s first, and its popularity meant it was much copied, and named pils, pilsner or pilsener. Counters: Added by: admin Tags: 18, Urquell, undress, +18, Pilsner, undress game, Pilsner Urquell's undress, Pilsner Urquell's undress game, game, Pilsner Urquell Total comments: 2 Comments display order: By default New comments first Old comments first.

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This article is about the beer. For the brewery that produces this beer, see Pilsner Urquell Brewery.
Pilsner Urquell
ManufacturerPilsner Urquell Brewery
StyleCool fermented beer

Pilsner Urquell (IPA: [ˈpɪlznɐ ˈʔuːɐ̯ˌkvɛl], Czech: Plzeňský prazdrojIPA: [ˈpl̩zɛɲskiː ˈprazdroj]), is a Czech lager brewed by the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic. Pilsner Urquell is the world’s first blond or pale lager,[1] and its popularity meant it was much copied, and many of these copies are named pils, pilsner or pilsener.[2] It is hopped with Saaz hops (Czech: Žatec), named after a town in West Bohemia, a noble hop variety which is a key element in its flavour profile, as is the use of soft water and fire-brewing.[3][4] It is available in 330 ml, 355 ml and 500 ml aluminium cans and green or brown bottles.

Almost all draught Pilsner Urquell is packaged in kegs and dispensed under carbon dioxide pressure but small quantities are available unpasteurised, unfiltered and naturally conditioned in cask in the Czech Republic and in very limited amounts in Germany, the United Kingdom,[5][6] the United States,[7] Sweden,[8] Hungary and Austria. Pilsner Urquell is exported in bottles and cans to North America, Australia[9] and other regions.


A mug of Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell was the first pale lager, and the pilsner name is often used in copies: pilsner. It is characterised by its golden colour and clarity, and was immensely successful: nine out of ten beers produced and consumed in the world are pale lagers based on Pilsner Urquell. The name, which can be roughly translated into English as 'the original source at Pilsen', was adopted as a trademark in 1898.[10]Before 1840, the standard beer in Bohemia was warm fermented and characterized by a dark colour, turbidity, and inconsistent quality. Plzeň burghers had not found this satisfying and the Plzeň city council ordered 36 casks to be dumped.[11] They invested in a new, state-of-the art brewery, the Bürgerbrauerei (Town brewery, Měšťanský pivovar in Czech), and commissioned Josef Groll, a Bavarian brewer, to develop a better beer. On 5 October 1842, Groll had an entirely new mash ready and on 11 November 1842, the new beer was first served at the feast of Saint Martin markets.[12]

Bürgerbrauerei registered Pilsner Bier B B brand in 1859.[13] In 1898, they also registered Original Pilsner Bier 1842, Plzeňský pramen, Prapramen, Měšťanské Plzeňské, Plzeňský pravý zdroj and finally Pilsner Urquell and Plzeňský Prazdroj which are in use today.

Pilsner Urquell is today brewed solely in the Pilsen brewery. It was brewed between 2002 and 2011 in Tychy, Poland[14] and between 2004 and 2017 in Kaluga, Russia.[15]

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