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Filestream Cloud storage is currently the most reliable and fastest way to download torrent files with IDM. allows users to paste Torrent Magent link or.torrent file on their website and they simply generate a direct download to your fabourite torrent files. You may want a step by step guide with picture which you will get here. Simply find a torrent you wish to download anonymously via a third party, Copy the.torrent or magnet address URL (right click the download execute button not the website url) then Paste on TorrentSafe URL box and click 'Download Now'. To view your in-progress and completed downloads, click the 'My Downloads' at the top. Conclusion: So, These are the 5 Top Online services that you can use to download torrent with IDM (Internet Download Manager). If you want to use free services then you should try (Upto 1GB torrent size limit), (Premium Trial for One day), Zbigz (free 1GB torrent size limit). May 28, 2021 ByteBX is another amazing torrent to IDM converter site where you can easily download your favorite files in torrent. Similar to ZbigZ, this site has accurately similar versions for its visitors. However, you are required to buy a premium account of ByteBX to fully enjoy it.

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We all uses torrent to download so many files or movies. you can pause & resume download at nay time and this make this method best for downloading files. Downloading speed will be higher if your torrent file have higher speed. People usually to download torrent with high number of seeds. Often it is notice that we face speed issue with torrent files. Sometimes it is really low than our internet downloading speed. This is only because of less number of seeds associated with torrent. To resolve slow speed issue you can download torrent with IDM software. Now you say, How to download torrent files with IDM software?.

You can easily download the torrent files using IDM even seeds are low. You can download Torrent with IDM software with so many website. However there are some popular and very reliable to use IDM. In this tutorial, we are explaining only best website to download torrent with IDM. You can read all and can choose the best for you.

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1.) Download Torrent With IDM using PutDrive (Fastest & Latest) is the fastest & reliable method to download torrent with IDM. This site also have some additional features. While some sites are limited their bandwidth to 1 GB this site will provide 2 GB bandwidth. The are running limited time free offer in which they are providing 100 GB traffic. You can download the torrent files more faster using put drive. Put Drive also has another feature to download files anonymously.

Register for a free PutDrive account and start downloading your torrent files with IDM. Currently free trial is off but keep check on their website since time to time they will allow free trial.

2.) Use Zbigz to Download Torrent File (Most Popular & Without Registration)

Zbigz is another popular website to download the torrent with fast speed. Other advantage of Zbigz that you do not need to install any torrent client. You can either copy your torrent or magnet link, you also have the option to upload torrent file. Please remember that you have to copy you torrent file or its magnet link only. You can visit their website here

There is a limit of 1 GB for maximum torrent file size for free user. But they are giving free premium member ship on their facebook page every week. You can see their facebook page here.

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Go to Zbigz, Either paste you torrent link or browse the torrent and click on GO.

Now you have to choose Free or Premium. Click on Free, you will shortly see your file size & downloading speed. It will take approx. 3-4 minuted to download 1 GB file.

When download is finished by Zbigz, you can see the download link & after clicking on download file is ready to move to your computer.

3.) Download Torrent File With Boxopus Beta

Boxopus is now in beta stage & its giving free bandwidth to every user on registration. You can use this bandwidth to download torrent files. Boxopus also have an option for direct storage of downloading to dropbox.

Online Torrent To Idm Converter

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Torrent File To Idm Converter Online

This site also work as other websites are working. You have options to login with social media & can register 2-3 account also.