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Solid Snake has given us the slip again and were the ones controlling the freakin' guy. The one-man-army star of the Metal Gear series is right in front of us on the TV screen in Konamis Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater we swear hes there but we can't see him for the trees.

Looks like the new camouflage system in this killer-looking sequel, due for PlayStation 2 this fall, is working a little too well. Its very hard to play when you cannot see yourself,' muses series creator Hideo Kojima. trying to work out the solution to this prickly game-design dilemma. But we dont want to place a little cursor on him, so were trying to tweak that to where the camo works but you can still see yourself.Kojima is back to work on the Metal Gear series after vowing never to return once hed finished the excellent and off-kilter Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. So perhaps its to make life interesting for himself that hes made such drastic revisions for this sequel: For Snake Eater, players can look forward to a new era, new gameplay, and a new setting,

Kojima says. Weve told you about the new era and shown glimpses of the new jungle setting in past articles, but Kojima has just revealed to us one of the sequels main new gameplay features: Hiding not behind trees or rocks, but in plain sight of your enemy. The secret? Careful use of camouflage.

But before we get too deep into the new games jungle, a quick refresher course: Snake Eater is set in the 1960s an odd period considering that the Snake we know from past Metal Gear games would have been in kindergarten during that turbulent decade. One thing I can say is that Snake is not going to hop on a time machine and travel back in time, Kojima quips. There are games like that out there, but this isnt one of them. Instead, all signs point to the real protagonist of Snake Eater being Big Boss, the main bad guy in the original Metal Gear for Nintendo Entertainment System and also the source of Solid Snakes DNA (as well as evil twin Liquid Snakes. Mullets run in the family, apparently).

Snake Eater begins with this mysterious character (for the sake of simplicity, well keep calling him Solid Snake) parachuting into the jungle on an unknown mission and losing his backpack. Once he's recovered his things, his mission proper whatever it is begins.

Fortunately, we know considerably more about the new gameplay and settings. Survival has been a hot concept in games since Capcom created the survival-horror genre with its Resident Evil series, but never has the literal meaning been applied to a game as heavily as in Snake Eater. With an objective that could (or could not) take days to complete, Snake has to survive the elements in addition to encounters with enemy forces. That means keeping himself well fed on fish and snakes he catches (hence the games name), staying well sheltered, and of course remaining well hidden. Snake can don different types of camo and face paint to match the terrain snow, grass, forest, etc. (see sidebar) in real time. Players will know how well camouflaged they are by checking the Camo Index in the screens upper right corner. It changes in real time based on a variety of factors, including posture, terrain, amount of shadow, and the current camo and face paint Snake is wearing. The highest the index can go is 100 percent, meaning that enemies cannot see Snake no matter how close they are to his position, but its possible to get the percentage down to a negative as well for instance, by taking Snake out of cover and running him over crackling dry leaves. When he runs and you see that negative five percent, Kojima says, thats more like, CHey, see me! Im here!

In fact, running anywhere is not to your advantage in Snake Eater. Its better to mosey and better still to use a new type of motion called stalking, created for this game. This new technique is very useful when you want to sneak up on an enemy from behind, says Kojima. When stalking, Snake moves very slowly on tiptoe and can sometimes move without any penalty to his Camo Index, but it comes at a price. Thing is, when you stalk, you lose a lot of stamina, Kojima says. Basically, when you walk around in the mountains and you have to climb, you lose stamina, and you have to regain stamina by feeding yourself. That means its time to chow down on some wilderness sushi raw fish, snakes, and other high-protein foods.

Gung-ho players whod rather not worry so much about staying hidden can go a little more Rambo if they like. If you want to be a macho, hard-boiled guy like CIm not going to wear anything, then you dont have to wear any camosays Kojima.

You can just walk around with no T-shirt and play it your way. The drawback besides the obvious lack of cover is that Snake will have a harder time staying warm and will lose stamina faster. But at least you wont have to worry about getting out those stubborn stains. One thing about the camo uniforms, says Kojima, is that if you get shot or wounded, therell be bloodstains, and then your camo pattern will have red stuff on it, and your Camo Index will go down.

The first Metal Gear Solid is confined to an Alaskan military base and its immediate snowy environs, while MGS2: Sons of Liberty takes place entirely in industrial settings, such as an oil tanker and an overseas refinery. To contrast this and take the series back to its jungle roots, Kojima is going back to nature. As I said before, most of the gameplay takes place in the wilderness, he says. Youve seen the jungle, but there are also mountains, rivers, and caves basically the natural environment. Its all to force you to switch between different camo patterns anytime and try to pick a pattern thats the best match for where you are.

These outdoor settings make for some nifty visuals, including a torchlit cave filled with bats. But they also make for some changes in the way players must approach certain tasks, such as disposing of bodies. Now that you wont find lockers to stash corpses in, you can hide them in the grass, hide them in holes or tree trunks, and you can also carry them to streams or rivers, Kojima says. Its a fitting end for these enemy troopers who if you play the game right will never even see you coming.


Ever since Metal Gear Solid 2s campaign to put players names on collectible enemy dog tags, series creator Hideo Kojima has tried to include fans in his games in a literal way. This trend continues with the Camouflage Campaign: a contest in which you can design your own Snake Eater camo pattern. Contest entry details will be revealed in May at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo game show, so you might want to start thinking about your entry now. And if you dont make it into the final product, dont give up: The campaign will extend beyond the initial release when Konami offers later patterns as online downloads, a first for Metal Gear Solid.

Keep in mind that you cant design an entire outfit like we have in these mocked-up Snakes here designs are more like PC wallpaper in that you can either center or tile a small texture across the entire suit. Entries will be based on one of three criteria: effectiveness, humor value, or coolness.If a pattern seems to work really well, well pick it, says Kojima,although well choose designs that look good whether or not theyre effective. Kojimas example involved Snake wearing camouflage plastered with the face of Gakko, a toy duck manufactured by Konami Toyware. If there are a lot of ducks in the game somewhere, Kojima jokes, the enemies wont see you when you wear this pattern. .

Overall rating: 8
I have for you tool pack with all tools that can make your life easier
Tools are for games from Metal Gear Solid series.
Multi-purpose toolset for Metal Gear Solid 2
Extracts and replaces files in DAR and QAR archives
Converts XTI textures to TGA and DDS files (single texture mode), extracts TGA subtextures needed for models
Converts TGA and DDS files to XTI textures
Converts (most) static KMY models to OBJ file
Solidus supports MGS:TTS (The Twin Snakes), the GameCube game.
Thanks to Turfster, LionheartUK & TheDyingInformant for their hard work. They spent months researching and pulling things apart.
Masher is a package for creating and playing back highly compressed high quality movies under Win95/98/NT. It is targeted especially for game development. The movie player is coded almost entirely in Assembler and takes advantage of MMX technology. Playback is in 16 bit color exclusively, but the use of realtime dithering effectively displays more than 2 million colors.
This tool can play DDV movies from Metal Gear Solid and convert AVI to DDV files.
Konami DAT Utility
Packer and unpacker for almost all *.DAT files from konami games)
Unpacker and REPACKER for *.DAR files
(thanks to mirex, unmass has a packing function)

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Metal Gear Solid 2 KMY ImporterMetal Gear Solid 3 Pc Registration Code for Milkshape 1.7
This plugin allows you to load all static Metal Gear Solid 2 3D objects
into Milkshape.)
BioHazard File Archive Tool
for extracting *.DIR files from MGS PSX version)
This pack also contains many tutorials and guides about translating and modding Metal Gear Solid games.
Edit: Some new tools below
PC DAR tool 1.5 (fugtao version)
Extract *.dar files from PC.
PSX DAR tool 1.5 (fugtao version)
Extract *.dar files from PSX.
KMD2OBJ 2.51 (fugtao version)
An advanced conversor for KMD models files.
DIR tool 1.5 (fugtao version)
Extract *.dir files
DIR tool 1.51 (fugtao version)
Extract contents from STAGE.DIR
CON tool 1.0 (fugtao version)
Convert CON files into text
RAR tool 1.0 (fugtao version)
Extract images from *.rar files

Metal Gear Solid Full Game Download
GCX tool 2.0 (fugtao version)
Decodes GCX scripts into something readable near to GCL
GCX tool 2.0.4 (fugtao version)
Decodes GCX scripts into something readable near to GCL
HZM tool 1.0 (fugtao version)
Draw on screen the info stored within.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Pc Registration Code Free

HZM tool 1.2 (fugtao version)
Draw on screen the info stored within.
DIR tool 1.8 (fugtao version)
Extracts content from STAGE.DIR
Some Ruby Scripts

Metal Gear Solid Hd Collection Pc

Edit2: New tools have been discovered today (19.09.2020). List belowMetal gear solid 3 free download

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Pc Registration Code

dar-extract_*, qar-extract_psp, zar-extract
Tools for unpacking archive files from the corresponding platform. dar-extract_psx supports dictionaries for giving proper names to the files within. To use the dictionary feature, place a dictionary file somename.txt in the same folder as the executable, then use dar-extract_psx file somename
Tool for unpacking STAGE.DAT and FACE.DAT from MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, ZoE2 and MGS Twin Snakes. Supports dictionaries, place a file called common.txt, suffixed with the game name, or one matching a stages name in the same folder as the executable, prefixes with your game name (e.g. mgs2-, trial2-, tts-, etc.). Dictionaries will be loaded automatically and do not need to be passed by hand. If a file fails with the autodetection (either missing or mismatched game ID), you can pass an ID as additional argument to override the autodetection. Use this at your own risk, check the code (specifically the switch around line 870) for IDs.
Tool to unpack the files from the on-disc VFS from MGS2S on Xbox. Currently, this requires the VFS files to be merged by hand. Remember to back-up your files before doing this.
To do so, simply concatenate the files, e.g. cat disc1_{0..8}.dat > disc1.dat or copy /B disc1_0.dat + disc1_1.dat + [...] + disc1_8.dat disc1.dat. Then pass the resulting disc1.dat to dat-merge. Follow the same procedure for disc2_*.dat. The unpacked files can be unpacked just like the files from the PS2 games.
Tool for unpacking MGS1 FACE.DAT, supports a dictionary as well. Place one with the name mgs1-face.txt next to the executable.
Tool for decoding a gcx script into readable text. Probably incomplete.
Pass a string to compute its kojimahash for all known flavours.
Tool to unpack MGS1 STAGE.DIR, supports dictionaries. See dat-extract_enc for naming convention.
Converts txp textures found in the PSP games to PNG.
Other code included
Code for handling the dictionaries used by the unpacking tools.
Contains functions to compute the hashes used for matching dictionaries against hashes contained within the archives.
Sources -->
LiquidGear - Metal Gear Solid 3 / Collection HD *.sdt Text Editor
Metal Gear Solid 3/4 translation toolkit
This is a toolkit for translating Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
Below you can see a list of what each tool does:
DATCodecTool - Extracts texts from the codec.dat file and inserts then back. Works on both MGS3 and MGS4.
DATMovieTool - Extracts subtitles from movie.dat and demo.dat, and can also insert the modified subtitles back. Like the codec tool, works on both MGS3 and MGS4.
DATSpeechTool - Extracts *.spc files from a speech.dat (with a scenerio.gcx from the init folder), and extracts subtitles from each *.spc. It can insert subtitles back into the *.spc, and can re-create the speech.dat aswell. Only works on MGS4, since MGS3 don't have a speech.dat file.
A note about the DATCodecTool and DATMovieTool: It's still unknown where the pointers for the data inside those files (codec.dat, movie.dat and demo.dat) are, therefore if you change the lengths of the texts inside those files, there's a possibility that the game will crash. Due to the fact that those files have paddings (with movie.dat and demo.dat being aligned into 2kb blocks), there's usually a lot of room for expansion. But again, it's recommended that you keep the same lengths, or recalculate the pointers if you know where they are. Keeping the same lengths is the sure-fire to make it work.
Please look carefully the usage instructions of each tool, since each tool is used in a different way.
Sources -->
GB Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel script tool. Game uses MTE and LZ compression for text. This tool can work with it.
Sources -->
C# Fox Engine dat/qar, fpk, fpkd, pftxs and sbp unpacker/repacker
Sources -->
MGSV QAR Dictionary Project
The QAR dictionary project is a project to name every file used in MGSV Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.
Sources -->
A tool for converting files between Fox Engine texture (.ftex) and DirectDraw Surface (.dds).
Sources -->
Fox Engine / Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain file format research dump.
Sources -->
A tool for compiling and decompiling Fox Engine XML files. Compiled XML files have these file extensions:
Sources -->
A bundle of tools related to text editing Fox Engine / MGSV Ground Zeroes files.
Sources -->
MGS:Peace Walker PS3 RTM CCAPI Tool
A memory editor for the ps3 version of peace walker using ccapi via ps3lib.dll.
Sources -->
Edit: BMS Scripts below
Metal Gear Solid Pdt . Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP (*.pdt)
Metal Gear Solid Pdt Music . Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP music-only (*.pdt) (script 0.1.4) . XOR
Metal Gear Solid Xbarc . Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (script 0.2.2a) . xmemdecompress . XBAR
Mgs5 Stpl . Metal Gear Solid V STP . STPL