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Lennon Ltd., Chemists, South Africa

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Created Date: 10/1/2010 12:43:49 PM. Novel approach to research training of internal medicine residents. Lennon RP, Oberhofer AL, McNair V, Keck JW. Curriculum changes to increase research in a family medicine residency program. 2014 Apr;46(4):294-8. Levine RB, Hebert RS, Wright SM. Factors associated with citation of internal medicine.

Lennon in South Africa

The following are some additional photos from our April 2006 trip of Lennon interest.

Lennon medicine booklet pdf free

In Graaf Reinet Museum

Lennon Ltd. crate Graaf Reinet

Lennon Medicine Booklet Pdf Printable

Lennon Ltd. bottles Graaf Reinet

Lennon Ltd. invoice Graaf Reinet

Lennon Ltd. invoice detail - click on image to enlarge


At Mossel Bay

Lennon Medicine Booklet Pdf Free

Lennon Ltd. Mossel Bay

'South African Druggists (SA Druggists) is the largest wholly South African-owned pharmaceutical company. It works in a number of areas, including: the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products (included in this division are the Dutch Lennon products); the marketing and distribution of various products within South Africa.... SA Druggists has recently launched an expanded phytomedicine programme, which will involve extensive research into local species and traditional medicinal uses. The Lennon Dutch medicines are based primarily on European species and were developed more than 100 years ago.' for details

In the Adler Museum Bulletin 1988 Oct;14(2):2-10 there is an article entitled the 'History of Lennon Limited' (no authors listed). I have yet to obtain the text of this article published by the Adler Museum of Medicine, Johannesburg. The Adler Museum Bulletin publishes papers in the field of historical research in medicine and allied health sciences.

There are 19 Lennons listed in the 2006 South African Telephone Directory. In Free State Province there is a P. Lennon in Welkom. Kwazulu Natal Province has W.B.A., GT. and I.L. in Durban, T.M. in Estcourt and E.J. in Kokstad. In Western Cape Province there is M. in Lakeside, F. in Hout Bay, K.J. and Phil in Edgemead (all localities in Cape Peninsula) and L.J. in Knysna. In Gauteng Province we have A., P.B., S.J. and SJ all in Johannesburg, W.M. in East Rand, R.J. in West Rand and D.J.W. and E.M. in Pretoria.

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