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T2 trainspotting watch film full-length 2017 online. Hacker's ramblings. After the firmware upgrade, a software version of. See my original post Huawei IP routers providing. Phoenix Satellite TV uses Huawei’s X7 series LAN switches for network upgrade with no service. (high-level version).

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  • TO UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE. LATEST INFORMATION. OPTUS HUAWEI B593 V2 4G WIRELESS ROUTER. All Windows versions. All Mac OS X versions. Go to URL: Click Updates Next, it will ask you for your Username and Password. Username: admin Password: admin 'Update Now' OPTUS HUAWEI E3276v2 4G USB MODEM.

Huawei B593-s42 Firmware Update Universal. Huawei Vodafone R201 Firmware Update 10.0.302.2.24.34: Download: Huawei Vodafone R201 Firmware Update.

Huawei B593 4G LTE CPE Router is world's first 4G LTE TDD FDD Broadband CPE Router. It's launched to market by Sweden operator Tele 2, and HUAWEI B593 4G LTE Router also have many branch models such as HUAWEI B593U-12, B593s-82, B593s-42, B593u-501, B593u-513, B593u-91, B593s-601 etc.

They are born to meet the 4G LTE Band requirements for different markets. They incorporates similar configuration and have even same functions. The LTE CPE B593 is a great router. I've been using this for about a month at our rural cottage, and while we're researching Yagi antennas to improve signal strength (it has 2 SMA connectors for optional external antennas), it's getting a pretty good signal (HPSA+ @ 2 bars) at 14 miles from the tower.

The most amazing thing is, reception is better on the porch (even better than the roof given trees and reflection off lake) and it's been minus 25°F outside for about a week - that's amazing. Also, WI-Fi works great, even between houses 100 yards apart, and web page for diagnostics is complete and easy-to-navigate. Review by Peter Gubbels (Posted on 5/10/2016) great Quality.

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Huawei LTE B593 Router / Find A Network Usage Tracking Software? Jan 24, 2013 My company thus cuts off my subscription before the month ends.My family and I use a total of 8 devices on our home wireless network; 3 laptops, 4 iPads, and a Galaxy phone.My router/modem home page shows me the total amount used by all users.

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I use a huawei LTE B593 router. Similar Messages:.

ADVERTISEMENT Jun 6, 2011 I have a router HUAWEI echo lifeH9520b Broadband wireless how do I find WPA security pass phrase? Jun 14, 2011 I have this Huawei E1552 (HSDPA USB Stick) and I can't figure out how to do two things: 1. I'd like to make it share it's internet connection wirelessly to other devices.


I've managed to connect my PC and PS3 with ethernet cable to get connection and I believe some have managed to do it wirelessly, but I can't figure out how to get my Nintendo 3DS to find that connection. I've tried putting wireless connection in the sharing part of the connection, but it didn't seem to work.

Jul 2, 2011 My ISP provided me with a new Huawei HG521 router today and I'm trying to get our 4 family PCs to get along nicely through it.So far, one Windows 7 (SysInfo log below) and one XP machine are getting along really sweetly, with the XP printing through the W7's printer.But the 2nd W7 machine sees the 1st W7 machine, but doesn't see its printer.And the sole Vista machine connects to the internet but doesn't see either of the W7 machines, or the XP machine. code Sep 6, 2011 I have a Pre-existing repeating netgear network of a WNR2200 router set up as a base station with a harddrive plugged into it as a network device (readyshare) and another WNR2200 router set up as a repeater. I want to supply this network using Huawei B260a modem (on the Three network).

I currently have this setup; The b260a IP is subnet and has DHCP turned on (range - This is plugged into the internet lan port of the base station wnr2200. The base station IP is subnet and has DHCP turned on (range - The repeater Wnr2200 is automatically an access point and has an IP of This setup works but the speeds are around 1-2mb slower when connected to the netgear network than if connected directly to the B260a. Apr 25, 2012 Every other day and sometimes everyday I have an issue where my network slows down in one area at around the same time of day 12:00pm. I am using Solarwinds and I don't see anything significant showing up. Apr 5, 2013 I have a problem with MSE tracking client in my network.What we have:PI 1.3 with evaluation license (temporary)MSE 7.4.100 with 3k device licenses (hardware appliance 3355)WLC 5508 7.4.100.For now MSE is reacheble from PI and WLC, all setings are synchronized, NMSP status is active, mse assigned for maps and synchronized, on map we have 3 APs, but in Contex Aware tab we didnt see any tracking devices, all counts 0. Sep 11, 2012 I recently got a new laptop, but it won't connect to my network.

All my other devices do and all my roommates hadn't experience any problems either. My laptop can also connect to the network of my school.


My laptop is a HP Elitebook 8560w with windows 7 Enterprise SP 1(64-bit). I believe my router is a Huawei HG655D. Apr 3, 2013 however recently when i check my internet usage log on my wireless company (Rogers) the usage is totally off from what my bandwidth tracker shows me.

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So i decide to turn off my wifi and see what happens, there has always been this weird wifi connection appearing whenever my wifi appears, then afterwards when i turn off my wifi the suspicious wifi connections disappear. Is this possible that someone is using our wifi? I might just be overreacting but it has brought me to concern that if the usage continues my family will have to end up paying over $30 for extra internet use.

It is very frustrating me because when i check my DHCP client table it only shows 3 connection, ethernet - my desktop which is not turned on, 2 wireless connection - my laptop and my sister's laptop. Jan 3, 2013 We run a small school and one of our campus sites is quite remote and our internet provider chares big dollars for internet downloads.One of our classes has just been upgraded to run over the internet and involves downloading 6Gig of video each time it is run. This will cost us approximatly $15 for each student and we have hunreds of student. We provide computers for this course work. Dec 25, 2012 If I have understand correctly, the IP address - mac address matching was made with the arp table of a cisco acces switch if it will made the L3.

My access switch wasn't used for L3 routing, only L2 It's possible to set user track to use the arp table of a firewall or a router for made this matching? Oct 25, 2012 I have just installed a new router, a HUAWEI HG533 I am not able to connect wirelessly with my Acer Aspire 5520 (with Vista home premium).I can connect my new router using the ethernet cable, and last time I tried my old router would connect wirelessly.If I hover over the network icon, it says 'Unidentified Acess:local only'My smartphone (and my wifes) will connect (but oly mine to the old router!).I have tried removing the microsoft 6to4 adapters (suggested on another forum) this didn't work. (I then re-installed, no better).I've had a look at other posts on this forum, and Have done a couple of the tests suggested (wireless and mini toolbox, which I will post separately as it exceeds 20000 characters!)I have tried support from my ISP (who also supplied the router) and got a generic email in response, no luck. Jan 17, 2013 If you are familiar with the Huawei HG520s router, I want to filter an ip range (ex. to so that no other users can connect on this ip range and start using the router.

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Nov 10, 2011 I picked a threeHUAWEI E586, but after that i found this on that's fully unlocked, so that i wanna to do unlocked solution for mine, it could be compatible with more network Feb 3, 2013 Region: Others Model: TL-MR3420 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: ISP: how to make the Hauwei E3276 LTE dongle work with the TL-MR3420 V2.1?I have tried to create a bin file, but no success - does any bin file I could use?I have not been able to get a positive response from the support team on when this will be supported. Jan 21, 2013 Region: Argentina Model: TL-MR3220 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: ISP: Region: India Model: TL-MR3040 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.40902n ISP: Reliance Configuring my TLMr3040 with Huwei EC 150 model USB modem, the modem and ISP name is there in the list, I have configured all (manual/ as well as auto ) methods of authentication as mentioned in user guide.

For more infor, the exported profile from laptop where my modem works fine is Jan 1, 2013 Region: Finland Model: TL-MR3220 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: TL-MR3220V1120523 ISP: DNA Would it be possible to get huawei e3131 working with other ISP than Poland model? Since it seams to be technically just the same 3g modem, but ISP play locked bin file for it. Nov 13, 2011 I'm having trouble setting up a wireless internet connection for my computers, I connected the patch cable from my modem to a wireless router, then connected to that network with a usb for my computer.I was able to connect to the network, but couldn't seem to actually get into the internet.

Is there any solutions to this? When doing ipconfig /all, the message I get is: Windows IP Configuration Host Name.: Victors Primary Dns Suffix.: Node Type.: Hybrid IP Routing Enabled.: No WINS Proxy Enabled.: No code. Feb 16, 2011 Basically, my brother uses about a gig a day of our broadband and blames it all on me. I need a way to record my broadband usage (only on my computer, not the network) per day. Jul 21, 2011 I would like a free tool that would moniter the internet usage of our network. It has about 20 computers and would like the following features: be able to show the usage of each computer the type of usage, ie, browsing, downloading, streaming a total usage Is there such a free program?

Would Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 be able to do the trick if i learnt how to use it? Apr 27, 2012 we have a high speed internet and my modem is capable of wireless what I want to know, is there a way that I can monitor how much my daughter is on her computer and what websites she is visiting without having to install a program on her notebook or having to check her history etc? I would like to be able to do it all from my computer Jul 30, 2011 I downloaded and upgraded my router to the 3.0.03 firmware. Downloaded the bin file, saved the config, upgraded firmware, reset router and restored configuration. Everything went ok but router still shows 3.0.02 firmware.?I have a camera system on the network routed through two opened ports on the router. Everything works fine.The camera system does not store any logs relative to remote access.

I would like to log any incoming traffic on the camera open ports. Is there a way to do this on this router? Nov 10, 2012 I have idea netsetter(huawei dongle e1732) and i had unlocked it and now i am using tata docomo sim card on i want to use this dongle in wifi router 3g usb modems.but i am not sure that the dongle can work on router modems or not?i wanna make hotspot at home using dongle in router modem.

Dec 29, 2012 can I use a huawei 520b router ro connect wirelessy to xbox Mar 13, 2013 Region: India Model: TL-MR3040 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: ISP: I have a MR3040 and purchased a Huawei E303C data card. After an initial hickup in configuring it the Data card although not on the compatibility list works excellently with the MR3040. Mar 25, 2013 Region: India Model: TL-MR3020 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: ISP: aircel,idea I bought this router just today, but it cant recognize my huawei e303c 3g modem.i've upgraded the firmware. This router supports the dongle or not? Apr 13, 2013 Region: Sweden Model: TL-MR3220 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: 3.13.27 Build 121206 Rel.60215n ISP: Telia The router finds the 4G modem Huwei E392u-12 but could not connect. Sometimes it also drops the modem and it says 'Unplugged' I tried to update the firmeware but no success. Apr 20, 2013 Region: Malaysia Model: TL-MR3420 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: TL-MR3420V1121123 ISP: Celcom My HUAWEI E367 Can't Detect in TL-MR3420.I don't know what to do and I'm already downgrade the frimware but it still can't detect my broadband.

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Then, I upgrade the frimware and it still can't detect my broadband. Apr 26, 2013 Region: Others Model: TL-MR3220 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: 3.14.4-17n ISP: PTCL I have just bought TL-MR3220 router to use with Huawei EC315-2 USB 3G modem, but it is not being identified by the router. I checked compatibility list and it is not in 3G modem compatibility list. I tried to find out its bin file so that I can add modem configuration to the router but unfortunately could not find any. Dec 1, 2012 Region: Denmark Model: TL-MR3040 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.40902n ISP: Telia HUAWEI LTE USB Rotator E3276 not supported?

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Feb 5, 2013 Region: Finland Model: TL-MR3220 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: Newest ISP: Sonera I have a TP-Link TL-MR3220 and Huawei E3276 USB-modem (Sonera, Finland)Is there some update or advices, that can i use this huawei with MR3220? Or when update releases? Apr 7, 2013 Region: Others Model: TL-MR3020 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: 3.14.2 Build 120817 Rel.55520n ISP: LMT Recently got a new USB dongle - Huawei e392. Initially it worked fine, had no problems, but then suddenly it stopped connecting.

I tried everything, forcing 3g, forcing 4g, re-upgrading firmware and uploading a.bin file, nothing works. It just tries to connect, gets disconnected, and unplugs the USB modem, then does it over and over again. Here's the log. 1st day 00:00:21 DHCP NOTICE DHCPS:Recv REQUEST from 00:25:22:CE:0D:73 1st day 00:00:23 DHCP NOTICE DHCPS:Send ACK to 1st day 00:00:27 DHCP NOTICE DHCPS:Recv INFORM from 00:25:22:CE:0D:73 1st day 00:01:10 3G/4G NOTICE handlecard start 1st day 00:01:10 3G/4G INFO LTE MODEM = 0, status = 1, targetVendorID = 0x0, targetProductID = 0x0 Code. Mar 29, 2013 Region: Others Model: TL-MR3420 Hardware Version: V2 Firmware Version: 3.13.27 Build 121206 Rel.60215n ISP: Cellcom 3g - Israel My USB Modem HUAWEI E173 not work as well with TL-MR3420 Its lose Identify every almost 15 minutes, and try to Identify again and some times not successfully until I reboot the unit. Then its Identify successfully, after some minutes the problem happen again and again. I think its from the router software issue that it have not the correct driver of the modem.

Also, the signal of the wireless not that good like the other routers which I used before.