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1.Run ConsoleApplication3 first as a admin
2.Console should come up.
3.Type in IP of the server after that Hit Enter!
4.After you wrote ip and you've hit enter type in port and hit enter.
5.After all this things you can wait about 8 hours till rcon will be cracked.

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Sorry Bro's! Yeahh 8 hours, it is not easy to crack Rcon and it is not easy to crack Rcon when it is something like KA(DSFU$*IJmARSDPFj [email protected]$OJgwafsd That..

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Yeahh i know there is Setup file inside the folder dont mind it i dont know how to delete it i mean i do but the cracker dont want to work without it. LOL
Moderator can you paste virus scan into my post too?

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I've made it in visual studio C# im not very good at it i had some realllllll problems with compiling and i still have So if somebody can help me i will be really pleased


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And Please if you will have problems with opening it is because of my SHI* compiling skill <3