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Version 2.3.2 is now live! This release includes an OPC Unified Architecture (UA) I/O Driver, which is available for Modbus & OPC and Ultimate Editions. Also, new tutorials and samples for Codesys OPC DA/UA.

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We recommend all Factory I/O users to update to this latest stable release, which includes many bug fixes reported by the community, as well as several enhancements. To update, click on Update Checker in the Welcome Menu and next on Update. Version 2.3.2 will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Release Notes

  • Fixed an offset between graphics and physics of the Elevator’s platform.
  • Fixed Two-Axis Pick & Place gripper sensor triggering when rotating arm at forward position.
  • Direction arrow (white) of Curved Conveyors point to the selected direction.
  • Chute Conveyors physics no longer interfere with other parts place next to them.
  • Fixed Machining Center Robot not pausing correctly.
  • Machining Center Robot no longer drops items when running the simulation at lower frame rates.
  • Fixed vision sensors of the Separation Station not detecting parts.
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  • New OPC UA Driver.
  • New Tutorials and Samples for CODESYS with OPC UA and CODESYS with Modbus TCP.
  • Overall improvements made to CODESYS OPC DA tutorials and samples.

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  • Adds Polish translation.

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  • 3D tags include now a tooltip which displays the tag name and type (sensor/actuator).
  • Adds console commands driver.apply_current_mapping_to_all() which can be used to copy the tags mapping of the current driver to all drivers.
  • Fixed graphics issues when running on OpenGL.
  • Fixed graphics artifacts when running on video quality profile set to Very High.