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Chosen as first family cruise experience, departure dates and location fit with school holidays. Embarked & disembarked Valencia, Itinerary (Valencia, Marseille, Genoa, Civitavecchia, Palermo, Cagliari, Palma, Valencia.) Aurea Spa experience package with Premium Drinks package upgrade. Deck 10 Forward Suite with Panoramic window.PRE-BOARDINGAs others have noted MSC Website coded by a ten-year-old, post booking was impossible to complete web check-in as site rejects valid date and address formats.NB Even once given over phone to customer support, you will randomly change sex or your passport details will again disappear!

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Divina Confusion. Star-studded Mexican comedy where modern day love gets a boost from higher powers. Once you select Rent you'll have 14 days to start watching the movie and 48 hours to finish it.

Different customer support telephone operators will give you different excuses and explanations. One stated each passenger had to have different emergency contact details! (not true)In total, Travel booker and MSC regenerated booking confirmation over a dozen times. Four days before embarkation still no e-tickets; took travel booker an hour on the phone to ensure these were indeed generated and dispatched.EMBARKATIONWe flew into Valencia day before, stayed on land overnight and took sometime time to see Valencia.

Taxi to Ferry Terminal for embarkation at scheduled timeslot. Found this mini cruise one day trawling the internet. Previous thoughts on MSC had been poor quality, loud italians, mediocre food. Sailed from Valencia to Genoa stopping off at Marseilles.

Boarding was so so easy, all done and dusted in 30 minutes. On the ship straight to the buffet for lunch. Excellent choices and good quality.

One minor point if you dont have all inclusive on the first couple of hours unable to order any drinks as no cruise card to charge to until cabins released around 1400. At 1330 announced cabins were ready. We had an aft balcony cabin 10258. Huge balcony plenty of room for table and 2 chairs plus the two loungers. Due to overhang could be a bit dark in cabin sometimes though. Very quiet and great view from the rear of ship.

Ship ID cards all ready incabin and was quickly activated at one of the on board machines. Huge bed and very comfortable. Staff round the ship eager to please and very chatty.

Especially recommend the Eataly restaurant ( pay extra) and its associated pizza restaurant and bar where it is included. Wines on board very good and great choice of spirits.

Excellent night where looked in on the Cirque du Soleil style show and also the casino where on both nights of cruise won on roulette. Breakfast in buffet was excellent ( apart from the free instant coffee). Take my tip order proper coffee and pay a little more. Marseilles we had taxi into town (20 euros) and had a good wander. Entrance into Genoa next morning very interesting as we were towed in by tug. Well worth if have the time take the boat trip around this huge harbour.

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8 Euros for about an hour and a quarter booked on the quayside. Go all the way past the airport.We came away with a totally different view of MSC which is a 4 star cruise line at 3 star cruise line prices. Excellent and a nice surprise.Definitely will book again. Choose your own cabin after some research is my tip. We booked this cruise because friends of ours were taking this cruise and suggested it might be fun if we joined them - so our group of 4 consisted of 2 couples age 65+ and no children.

Our port of embarkation was Valencia, Spain and that was the beginning of a wonderful week aboard MSC Divina. Embarkation went smoothly, but disembarkation at the end of our week was a bit confusing. Due to an early flight out of Valencia, it was necessary for us to leave the ship earlier than our assigned disembarkation group, and we had some trouble finding the correct location to exit the ship.

This ship is the largest we have ever cruised on, and it is beautiful. Considering that there are several thousand passengers aboard at all times, we also found it to be amazingly clean. We chose a balcony cabin on deck 11 at the aft of the ship, which turned out to be the ideal location to enjoy the views at several ports on our itinerary. Our cabin was tastefully decorated, not too small, storage was adequate, bed and pillows were comfortable (an option was available to switch to more comfortable pillows, but the ones in the room suited us just fine), the bathroom was well-designed and efficient, and - best of all - our cabin attendant GERRY took great care of our room, and always greeted us with a smile.When we found out we would not be dining until the second seating at 9:45 we were a bit concerned that would just be too late. The time turned out to be just fine. We were able to enjoy all of the early shows in the theater (and they were all GREAT!) and have leisurely dinners in the dining room.

Our waiters, KIKIT and JAMES, were fabulous - always smiling, polite, friendly, and professional. They were just the BEST! Our meals in the dining room were always good - often great - and items were always served at-or near-the appropriate temperature (We NEVER had a warm dish served cold!). We did not eat at any specialty restaurants.

During breakfast, lunch, and late afternoon 'snack' time, the buffet areas were usually busy, but we were always able to find something good to eat, and there were usually places to sit near the back of the ship. In the dining room, we had breakfast twice and lunch once, and each time we were able to meet passengers from other countries.

Knowing minimal Spanish, German, French, etc. Attempting to communicate was sometimes challenging, but the people we shared tables with did their best to speak to us in English - and in one case our conversation with a family from Madrid went fairly smoothly thanks to Google Translate. It was fun and educational for us!Prior to leaving home, we booked only one excursion - a day in Rome. After we boarded the ship, we were informed that excursion had been canceled due to lack of participation. We then booked a different Rome excursion through the ship excursion desk. The bookkeeping was handled properly. Prior to disembarkation, our on-board account (viewable on the TV in our room) showed the correct charges and credits for our excursion - and we enjoyed our day in Rome very much.

Waldo, our tour guide in Rome, was great! The other days, we chose to explore the ports on our own schedule. Our friends booked several excursions through the ship, and each evening we got to hear about their day trips. They seemed to enjoy all of their excursions. As a group or individually, we did not really use the casino, pools, fitness, or spa services. We usually met at a bar each evening to discuss the activities of the day. Unfortunately, we found that after about 7:00 p.m.

Each evening, nearly every public place on the ship became extremely LOUD. We enjoyed listening to the music in several bars on board - but it was always loud. The buffet areas were always loud.

The dining rooms were loud. The only quiet place that we found in the evenings was sitting in the theater waiting for the shows to begin. It would have been nice to find a public space with some QUIET background music.

Maybe there was a more quiet area - we just never found it. We did experience a bit of confusion a couple of times regarding when and where we could use our drink vouchers, but it wasn't a big problem.Our itinerary included only Mediterranean ports. Because the passengers aboard the ship came from many different countries, most announcements were made in several different languages.

As far as we could tell, the information was presented as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we didn't find it to be a problem at all. We were amazed at how many crew members greeted us in English - almost always with a smile. It's highly likely that they also had some knowledge of Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc. very impressive.This was our 5th cruise, our first with MSC, and our best one so far. Unfortunately, we did have one experience that was very disappointing. On our final night, the dining room schedule was changed from designated seating times to 'open' seating. We arrived at the dining room about 8:00 p.m.

And hoped that we would be able to have our usual wait staff - KIKIT and JAMES - for our final night. Although we requested our usual table - 860 - we were informed by the gentleman who seated us that the night was open seating, and he made no attempt to honor our request. As we passed our usual table, we noted that it was open, and there seemed to be no good reason for us to sit at a different table than we had become accustomed to. Luckily, we were seated near KIKIT and JAMES, and they were able to stop by and briefly say hello and goodbye to us. Perhaps someone in our group should have demanded - rather than requested - that we be able to sit at our usual table. Unfortunately, the situation left all 4 of us feeling a little sad on our last night on the ship.All things considered - with the exception of our dining room experience on our last night - we were extremely happy with our cruise, and we would be happy to cruise again with MSC.

I'll begin by listing the cruise ships I've sailed on so far:Celebrity EquinoxP&O VenturaCarnival VistaRoyal Princessand now. MSC Divina.Overview:This cruise line is quite different from most others in that it's very European, with a minority English-speaking clientele. Approx 10% of our fellow passengers were English, around the same again were American.

The majority were Spanish, Italian and various others, making for a unique ambience.To cope with the many languages, the entire cruise is designed around multilingualism. Everything from the menus in the main dining rooms to the Cruise Director's opening speech every night before the show involved five or more languages.

It's the only way they can offer a cruise to so many nationalities but for me it absolutely doesn't work.Having to wait for your language and listen to many you can't understand is just a waste of time, and it happened again and again, from ship announcements to even excursions.Oh, and get ready to leave your room at 7am on the last day (more about that later).Staff:Anther big difference for me was the staff. Firstly, for a ship of this size, there just didn't seem to be enough crew to cope. Bar queues took over five minutes on a regular basis, and drinks orders would be delivered in 10-20 mins. Customer Service queues regularly exceeded 15 people, queues for the ice cream took as long as ten minutes. These don't sound like catastrophic waits, but when you add this up each day, it somewhat spoils the cruise.And perhaps because they were overworked, they just can across rude in general. We had some exceptions (some friendly, jokey evening waiters made a much better impressions), but in general, staff rarely smiled and quite often made you move out of the way for them.

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Several times in fact we were told by staff in buffet when we ordered hot drinks that we could make them ourselves.And the cruise director was the worst I've ever seen. He was barely present, merely an announcer at evening shows, rattling off five or six language spiels and promoting the latest drinks offer etc. They should take a leaf from Carnival here, where the cruise directors are bright and omnipresent characters, welding the cruise experience together into a complete package.The Ship:The ship was a nice vessel in all fairness. It's large but not overwhelmingly so, and has some very attractive spaces including the Art Deco bar, the indoor pool area and a rather lovely Swarovski-enhanced atrium. But for the size of the vessel there just wasn't enough leisure space.

Compared to the Carnival Vista and the Royal Princess (both almost equal in length and passenger numbers) the ship felt crowded. There wasn't much to do on days at rest, with all deck games requiring you to ask for equipment.

The sunbeds went fast, and you'd regularly see crowds traipsing around, looking in vain for a sunbed or two. The pools suffered most, with fifty-five people counted in the rear pool area at one time. It just felt like there wasn't enough space to stretch out. The Carnival Vista made great use of the level 7 Promenade Decks, with loungers and bars - something this ship could dearly do with. I also felt there could have been more going on - there wasn't much live music, and we rarely saw pool activities except for a morning fitness class.Dining:Everyone's biggest worry turned out to be a non-event. Food was fine. It wasn't excellent, and at time was just plain average, but it certainly wasn't bad.

The buffet was hue and had fair choice, although later diners would have to face a fifty-person queue to get in. The MDR offered a three-course evening meal, with smallish portions but some nice variation (eg Mediterranean night). We had an All-Inclusive drinks package included and I will say it was pretty good - we could enjoy cocktails, spirits, coffees, ice cream, beer, sparkling wine and much more.Excursions:Excursions were noticeably cheaper than other cruise lines, and generally were quite good. We did have a few small issues such as non-English excursions staff but in general trips flowed well.The CabinOur balcony room was actually very nice. The nicest cabin I've yet experienced at sea in all honesty.

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It was modern and felt spacious, with a seating area and a bathroom with a plastic shower door rather than a flimsy curtain. Charging ports were few and far between though and the TV rather small.Summary:5/10In all, it was a decent cruise. If I hadn't experienced other cruise lines, I'd probably be giving it an 8/10.

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Divina Confusion Pelicula

But seeing how things are done elsewhere, it just makes me realise that MSC cuts corners and just isn't the same polished product I'm used to. It wasn't bad by a long stretch, but I don't think I would sail with MSC again.

The end of our cruise was a good summary of the experience. After an evening in Palma (ship departed at 12 midnight from the port) we discovered that we had to vacate our cabin at 7am - information that was only given to us that evening, hence we returned to find the info sheet on our beds and couldn't believe what we saw.

After speaking to customer services, we were told by one staff member that the rooms took three hours to clean - a complete and utter lie. There was no budging, so the alarms were set for 6:30 on our final day. Not the best way to end a cruise! We chose this cruise because the price was good and we needed a break.

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After reading reviews on MSC because we have a cruise booked for September on the Musica for a group of 20 people we thought it would give us an opportunity to see how bad it could possibly be.This was our 29th cruise with various cruise lines including Celebrity, RCL, Thomson, NCLEtc. And we should have known that everybody’s opinions and views do vary. So this is our thoughts on MSC and in particular the Divina.Yes the portions in the main dining room were on the small size but you only have to ask for more and if there was nothing you fancied, like on other cruise lines you could pick from the standard menu that was available every night. We had a drinks package and I have to say that there was no holding back on topping up our glasses. As far as the comment that the staff are not trained properly, we certainly found our waiters very efficient and pleasant, as of the rest of the crew thru out the ship.The language comments about everything being repeated 5 times could be a problem if you let it, cruise director before the evening show and safety drill were the only times we noticed it. The animation team were the best we have ever come across they worked really well as a team.The Divina is in a class of her own, the little bars with wonderful staff and nibbles if you were feeling peckish to the various musical performers. We were looking to do something different.

Family & friends kept on about cruising, then we saw a cruise TV programme with Jane Macdonald raving about MSC. It looked amazing and as it embarks at valencia just 50 minutes from us, we thought great. We booked a wellness package for 1 week.

Cabin with balcony not far from lifts,as my husband has dementia so less likely to get lost. Day we thought was smooth until we saw the state of our shower with mildew, soap and dispenser not working, hairs in basin, filthy carpet, stains on sofa and bed linen.stained with sweat marks! It took 3 visits to reception to get this matter resolved. They offered us complimentary shuttle bus tickets to Marseilles, which we didn't want to visit.

Pizza soggy and inedible in Eatily and,as explained, 3 different coloured peppers does not constitute a vegetable pizza! Buffet always overcrowded, more like,a rugby scrum. Never once managed to get I to black crab for breakfast. Food lukewarm.

Lifts overcrowded. Our room was on cupid deck, 13. The floor above is the buffet and terrace which we're not aware of at booking. Furniture being dragged and moved overhead at night, then the disco would start at midnight until 2/2.30am. Relax or rest? I was surviving on little sleep. Excursion always early start and chaotic in deck 6 or 7 where you assemble.

Portofino the best trip but not long enough to appreciate it. Stuff too busy chatting. Customer service poor. We choice this cruise because it departed from Valencia and we could easily drive there from our home in Alicante province. As first time cruisers we were a little apprehensive about everything.

There was no need to be!! Everything was so simple. The parking was easy to find. We handed our luggage in, showed all our documents and we where away. A bus took us through the port and the first sight of MSC Davina was WOW!! She looked amazing.

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We boarded the ship and got a very warm welcome from the crew. We went to deck 14, the buffet deck, had a spot of lunch (had to try the amazing pizza). After lunch we had a wander round the ship, and found our cabin.

It was a balcony cabin, which was an adequate size, with good storage and was spotlessly clean. Our luggage arrived quite quickly at our cabin, we unpacked and our first cruise began.

We found our way to The Black Crab Restaurant for our evening meal. The food was lovely and the waiters very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend MSC to first time cruisers, it gives you a chance to sample cruising at a lower price than other cruise lines. But don't let the fact that it is cheap put you off, there is nothing cheap about the ship or the standards. I'll try to keep this as simple as I can.

The ship is clean and beautiful. Great Mediterranean itinerary. We liked our balcony room and very nice steward. It was noisy and not a lot of sound proofing, but I expected that. Food was not great, usual crowded cattle buffet, usual cruise ship food that never really knocks it out of the park unless you pay extra for a specialty restaurant. Not sure what all the complaints of 'rude Europeans' and different language announcements are about. That was not an issue for us, and I enjoyed being around passengers from different places.

What's the point of traveling!?That is where the positives stop. I gotta say, should have heeded the reviews. I thought everyone giving negative reviews of Divina were just hard to please and too picky since we had a great time on other negatively-reviewed ships. Well, this time they are right.This cruise line advertises the Divina as a large ship with an endless amount of activities, lounges/venues, and dining options. That's all well and good, but they DO NOT have the staffing or QUALITY of staff to pull it off, aside from entertainment. Everyone seemed to only sort-of know what they were doing and were unable to answer or solve passenger questions, even simple ones like, 'Hi, can I use my drink coupon here?' Yes, we researched where we could use our coupons and what was included, but once on the ship a lot of things were ambiguous.

And no it was not a language barrier. All the spaces were too busy and obviously overwhelmed the staff. And why have visible bar/server spaces if you don't want people to walk up there for a drink? Sorry, but no one came to us after 30 minutes so we thought we were supposed to go up to you! In the end, I felt bad for THEM, not for me.

It must feel awful to want to do your job, but not be provided with the resources to do so. I think this is what leads to less smiles and poor service, not that they are 'European' as some reviewers theorize.Excursions: We received tickets for excursions each evening with ambiguous instructions. You had to read your ticket AND refer to the daily program to get the info, and then get even more information at your meeting place. Even then some important details we only overheard. Just put all the info with the ticket and where to show up outside the ship like Royal Caribbean. No crowds or groups herded out all at once. This is one of MANY counter-intuitive processes on this ship.Another sour note was watching an elderly couple asking to go just a minute ahead of our disembarkation group because she had mobility issues.

Nope, wouldn't accommodate (or the employee wasn't practical/knowledgeable enough to make that call) and they were herded out in the huge crowd. Just let them go! When staff know what they are doing and are confident in the processes, they know when to make exceptions.The website is a whole other issue.

I canceled a couple of excursions and internet packages well before the cruise for both of us and only got reimbursed for one person. It's been 2 months and 4 phone calls and they still haven't refunded as promised.Compared to other big-ship cruise lines, MSC has a LONG way to go to sort out their processes and staff quality.

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Staff deserve good training, and paying passengers deserve well-trained staff. Come on MSC, step it up. If you can't, then put a disclaimer in the booking that states you can't promise the services advertised.