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Download rktools.exe win2008 R2. Download SQL Server 2008 R2: On this page you can modify the language. 3 thoughts on “ Replmon.exe not included in Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 ” Pingback: The things that are better left unspoken: Active Directory Domain Services. But with no Support Tools to download for the latest OS. RKTools installation. Jump to: navigation, search. For Model 204 version 7.5, use the download labeled 'RKTools V7.5.' It turns out that that this utility is not included in Windows Server 2008. Install Kms Host Office 2016 Activator. 3 thoughts on “ Replmon.exe not included in Windows Server 2008. Nov 12, 2017› Download Rktools 2008 I'm attempting to put together a batch file that will set up a robocopy task as a service in response to user input. The basic idea being that the user will input MyRobocopyBatchFile.bat sourceFolder destinationMachine and from then on the contents of the folder mirrored with a known folder on the. Aug 29, 2008 If you download rktools.exe, you can use WinZip or a similar program to extract the files from the compressed executable; you then end up with 3 files: rktools.msi,, and The important file here is rktools.msi. Windows 2003 Resource kit tools can be downloaded from the below Microsoft web portal. Download PsTools Suite (3.5 MB) Introduction. The Windows NT and Windows 2000 Resource Kits come with a number of command-line tools that help you administer your Windows NT/2K systems. Over time, I've grown a collection of similar tools, including some not included in the Resource Kits.

I ran into my first problem installing Robocopy today when I tried to install it on a Windows 2000 Server. When I tried to install the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools, I received the message “This product requires Windows XP or a later version to have been installed.” Since I was tight for time, I settled for Robocopy 1.7 (which came with the Windows NT 4 Resource Kit), which was the only version I found on the Internet for straight download after 20 – 30 minutes of searching. It functioned similarly to the version I have been using (XP010) but some of the switches I use were not present like /copy and /zb and /log. But it was enough to get my client’s backup working for now (I had setup the ArcServe which came with her Rev 70 drive, but the jobs kept crashing and it was too complicated for the client to really use).

Later, my employee Marvin found a nice blurb somewhere which looks to solve our problem and which I tested on a Windows 2000 Pro VM. If you download rktools.exe, you can use WinZip or a similar program to extract the files from the compressed executable; you then end up with 3 files: rktools.msi,, and The important file here is rktools.msi. What you do next is open a command line session, go to the folder where you extracted rktools.msi, and type the following command: msiexec /a rktools.msi. You will be prompted for a folder to which to perform an administrative install. Essentially, this decompresses all of the files in the msi file to the folders in which they would normally be placed (or that’s what it appears to do). Under Progam FilesWindows Resource KitsTools in whatever folder you installed the msi files, you will find Robocopy.exe (amongst other files). I went to a command line and the command executed without a problem. Looks like I can just copy the executable file to the Server and update my batch file with additional switches and I’ll be good to go. And now I don’t have to install the entire Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools to computers just to get the one file I need.

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Remap or block keys and mouse buttons, have them trigger combinations and easily switch between profiles, with this intuitive application

What's new in KeyRemapper 1.12 Build 460:

  • Fixed a bug that caused keys to 'stick' or be remapped incorrectly.
  • Optimized code, reduced delays.
  • Fixed bugs with Numpad keys.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect scancodes in the drop-down list of keys.
Read the full changelog

There are many tools you can use to remap keys, but most only offer basic functions and do not allow you to restrict your configurations to certain programs.

KeyRemapper is a lightweight and comprehensive application, designed to help you virtually remap keys, mouse buttons and even the mouse wheel, to have them perform various functions and even trigger key combinations.

Remap and block keys

You can choose an element to modify by activating it, but you can also remap a key that is physically missing, by selecting it from a provided list.

Then, you can replace it with another key, mouse button or combination. It is also possible for it to only trigger the specified action when it is pressed for a longer period of time or upon release.


Additionally, the application can automatically emulate a double press, either in quick succession or with a specified delay.

Furthermore, the program enables you to block certain keys or mouse buttons and their combinations with other modifiers.

Restrict remapping to specific programs or windows

It is possible to enable actions only in specific applications or program windows. To this end, you can manually locate the desired EXE file or choose from a list of active processes.


You can also add exceptions, so that remapping rules apply everywhere except in the selected applications.

Additionally, KeyRemapper's functionality can be paused at any time, should you need to perform various unrelated tasks.

Create and switch between multiple profiles

If more than one user needs to access the same machine and you want to easily switch between various remapping configurations, you can create any number of remapping profiles.

You can organize actions into folders, to help you locate and edit particular entries.


All in all, if you are looking for an easy-to-use application that allows you to virtually remap keys and restrict their actions to various programs or windows, you should try KeyRemapper.

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  • You can only create five elements
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KeyRemapper 1.12 Build 460

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