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  1. The Text Designer offers several default templates, where you can set up the Starting Effect and Ending Effect of your title. You can also adjust the length of the effect in the timeline. Adding Special Effects to the Text. PowerDirector provides 6 Special Effects to make your text even more eye-catching. Now you can spice up your video with.
  2. Next we can use the Add Title Text tool and type in the text we want to show on screen. In this example we’ll type BAKER ST. Click play button to ensure the text tracks correctly with the object. You can also attach an image or an effect to the motion tracking section box. When finished click OK. Step 2: Add a fade transition to the text.
PowerDirector 17 - The No. 1 Choice for Video Editors ?CyberLink
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Cyberlink powerdirector 11 text effects download torrent

Download the CyberLink PowerDirector for free and edit your video like a pro. Using a multi-track timeline style editing station, you can add different types of media to bring your vision to life. When the editing is complete, produce your video for multiple outlets, including direct to video sites, VR, and more. How to make the disappear effect using CyberLink PowerDirector 19 & PowerDirector 365. Learn how to make things disappear from your video. This video shows you how to set up your shot and how to edit your footage to make a cool looking effect where you make an object disappear from your hand.

CyberLink PowerDirector Editor's Review


Video editing was never an easy job. Either the software is too expensive, or you just own an entry level PC which is over passed by the hardware requirements. Even if you meet all the requirements, your need some expertise in this field to obtain good results in video editing. CyberLink has released the latest PowerDirector edition, which seems to cover all your needs, giving a balanced solution between low hardware requirements and usability.
Based on a huge community, PowerDirector has been recognized the most popular video editing tool, and therefore has evolved from version to version in terms of functionality and performance. PowerDirector 10 confirms again to be the fastest video editing tool. This is the result of a revamped rendering engine that provides even faster and more efficient video production. The engine takes advantage of both hardware and software technologies to speed up video processing, harnessing system GPU power via OpenCL for incomparable effects rendering speed, while a brand new H.264 media encoder rapidly processes HD video. In addition PowerDirector 10 is the world's first native 64-bit consumer video editor, enabling improved system efficiency and faster loading of HD video footage through parallel processing optimization.
Intelligent Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT) is a patented technology that analyzes an entire project to assess the types of media and formats used, then selects the best output profile for optimal production speed. Theoretically in this way users can produce better videos in less time. SVRT technology recognizes the portions of a movie clip that has been modified and only renders those portions during production and not the entire clip. But for an average user, this technology can become useless if he already knows what output suites he needs, or if the user is forced to use a specific output for his project.
CyberLink PowerDirector 10 is a good solution also for slow computers. Thanks to an enhanced H.264 software encoder, PowerDirector 10 is up to 38% faster than PowerDirector 9 at rendering 1080 HD video clips. This means that even if your PC doesn't have the latest CPU/GPU hardware, rapid video rendering speeds are still within reach through software technology.
Being a comprehensive application, it's not an easy job to deliver a user-friendly interface. On the surface CyberLink PowerDirector 10 looks nice, bringing the main features in front. But as you go deeply into his functions, the interface becomes overcrowded. You can use up to 100 track timelines that lets you create even the most sophisticated movie sequences with ease by allowing multiple layers of video, audio and objects to be controlled simultaneously. PowerDirector 10 introduces a host of exciting new features to make your video productions not only more impressive, but also easier to create.
One of these features that comes for the first time in a consumer editing software is the free-hand drawings that can be recorded and overlay on any video. In addition these drawings are time-distortable, so you can slow down or speed up the action anytime. The cinematic Time-Lapse technique makes its debut in PowerDirector 10 transforming any slow moving activity into a fluid motion. CyberLink TrueTheater module can upscale SD videos to HD-like content, sharpening images and removing video noise or even reducing shakes from your camera movement transforming your sequence into a smooth clip. The Beat Marker algorithm analyzes your soundtrack and places markers at major beat points so that you know exactly where to place your transitions and effects. But in case your audio track is a slower one, you won't get any beat points at all. On the other hand, faster tracks will create too many beat points that are useless in the editing process.
The most notable feature brought by PowerDirector 10 is the 3D support. Whether from files or straight from 3D cameras/phones, PowerDirector can edit any type of 3D video file. Convert your 2D videos & photos to 3D with TrueTheater 3D module for an enhanced experience and burn them to any standard: 3D Blu-ray, 3D AVCHD or 3D DVD discs and watch it on 3DTV.
Following the social networking trend, with PowerDirector 10 you can upload videos and photo slideshows directly to a host of popular video websites including Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and NicoNicoDouga. Add tags to your media, choose the video quality, and set your account info for instant upload. And with the YouTube Smart Upload feature, if your video's more than 15 mins long, PowerDirector will automatically split it into different parts and create a YouTube playlist.
Pluses: 3D support, Intelligent Smart Video Rendering Technology for optimal production speed, enhanced H.264 software encoder, 100 timeline tracks;
Drawbacks/flaws: Beat Marker algorithm too sensitive on faster audio tracks;
In conclusion: There is always place for more improvements, but you have to dig deep to find any flaws to this video editor. Its comprehensive nature makes it serve very well for casual and average users alike.

Cyberlink powerdirector 11 text effects download free
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CyberLink PowerDirector 11 is a video editing tool that has all the necessary services for you to make the best video compositions from your personal computer.
One of the program´s most important services is the well-known integrated technology that uses and analyses the principal images in our composition in an awesome way, like those of faces, movement, zooms or panoramic scenes. It focuses on the imperfections that can be improved using TrueTheater, like bad lighting or instability, and helps us edit these videos in an easier and faster way.
Obviously, this is not the only interesting service that CyberLink PowerDirector 11 has. It has an easy and comfortable editing environment, and it also offers all the services regarding transitions and effects we could find in similar programs, and much more, in a total of 400 different editing tools.
CyberLink PowerDirector 11 is one of the best alternatives in the video editing field that we can find. It puts literally hundreds of tools at our disposal in a very intuitive way.
Reviewed by Andrés López

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Translated by Isa Harberer