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Main Easter Egg Steps

Black Ops 1 & Black Ops 3 Custom zombies! May 22 2016 News 7 comments. It's official, BO1 and BO3 will be receiving mod tools capable of creating custom zombie maps! BO1 is a 3rd party project, while the BO3 tools are official. How do you enable cheats on black ops 2 zombies? The player may now type spdevmap mapname (or devmap mapname in Nazi Zombies ) and press Enter. This will start whichever map was typed in with console commands enabled. While playing, the player can press the tilde or grave key to bring up the console and type in commands. That said, if you want to access them right away Call of Duty: Black Ops has cheat codes that unlock all Zombie Mode maps and additional content from the very beginning. Information in this article applies to Call of Duty: Black Ops on all platforms including the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC, and Xbox 360 versions. Nov 17, 2017 - Zombies remake of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer map Hijacked! It has good amount of perks, buildable power switch, pack-a-punch that needs to be summ.

  1. Complete up to Wave 12 Last Ghost Zombie Will Drop Key for Church
  2. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Below)
  3. Go through Portal in Church to Obtain the Bow.
  4. Shoot 2 Soul Boxes With Bow/Flame. Locations:
  5. Fill 3 Soul Boxes. After Each one will drop a part. Obtain it. Locations
    • Inside the Portal(this One Must Be Done Last)
  6. Now you will need to Have all Players in the Blue Circle and Interact
  7. Now you will have infinite Dogs and Zombies Spawn and also Arthur Leroy
  8. Kill Arthur Leroy
  9. The Final Part will Drop at Spawn Area. Obtain it.
  10. Head to the Barn and Place all Parts in the Vehicle

Shield Part Locations

Look for the 'Custom' option at the online Zombies menu. Options include: Difficulty: Change between the Original difficulty or the new Easy difficulty. Starting Round: Start the game on round 1.

  1. Skull
  2. Window
  3. Pelvis


  1. Locate 2 Skulls – Skull Locations:
  2. Place the Skulls in the graveyard and get the barn key which will spawn soon after. Be careful of the mini boss that will spawn in too.
  3. Once you got the barn key and killed the Warewolf, go over to the barn and open the panel. This will open to a 3 digit number code lock. The numbers will spawn in the map, always in these locations.
  4. Input these number (in their corresponding colour place) and voila! The door should open revealing pack a punch!


  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Melee Wood Stove In Pack A Punch to Activate. Then Melee All Stoves around Map.
    • Saloon
    • Hotel
  3. Now Melee Stove Pipe Near Fireplace in Spawn Area
  4. Obtain The Blundergat from Mystery Box
  5. Place in Fireplace

Acid Gat

  1. First Located 2 Parts Around the Map
    1. Engine
    2. Acid
  2. Now you Will Need to Build it at a Table
    • Behind Saloon
    • Between Grocery and Blacksmith
    • In Pack A Punch Stable
  3. Now Obtain Blundergat from Mystery Box
  4. Now Build it at the Acid Gat Table

Watch Video Guide On Acid Gat – Coming Soon

Great Scott Wonder Weapon

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Obtain Molotov’s From Around the Map
    • Saloon Upstairs
    • Grocery Store
  3. Throw Molotov’s At the Bells
    • Bar at Spawn in Window
    • Bar at the Saloon
    • Bar in Grocery Store
    • In Doorway on Second Floor Sheriffs Office
  4. Now Head to the Pack A Punch Area/Barn and Obtain Great Scott on Table.

Annihilator Wonder Weapon

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Need to Pack A Punch a Weapon
  3. Shoot the Bell on Church With Packed Weapon
  4. Now You Will Need to Shoot 4 Clocks Around Map
    • Saloon(Lower Level)
    • Sheriffs Office
    • Hotel
    • Store
    • Garage
  5. Once you Shoot All Clocks you can now Obtain Annihilator at the Spawn.

Black Ops 2 Custom Zombie Maps Ps3

Bo2 zombies maps

Thundergun Wonder Weapon

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Kill Dr. Brown Before he DeSpawns
  3. He Will Drop the Thundergun

Black Ops 2 Custom Zombie Maps Xbox One

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Custom Black Ops 2 Zombie Maps Mod

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