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Cost Estimating Services

The start of a successful project starts with a good idea and a well-founded estimate of the costs. Cost Engineering delivers solid cost estimating services based on best practices that have proven themselves.

With experience from 1000+ estimates performed worldwide, our cost engineers know what it takes to create a reliable cost estimate.

From Project Initiation to Execution

From an early phase conceptual estimate to a definitive detail estimate, Cost Engineering ensures the best possible quality and accuracy. With more than twenty years of experience in the process industry, Cost Engineering provides the cost estimating support you are looking for.

Independent Estimate Validation

Cost Engineering provides independent expert reviews and counter estimates. Validations can be performed on estimates produced in-house or by engineering companies. From a quick check to a thorough evaluation, the results allow you to be 100% confident in the quality of your estimates.

Risk Analysis

The probability of your estimate heavily depends on the quantification of the risks involved. A risk analysis is executed using our proven methodology and toolset, fully compliant with AACE International Recommended Practices.

Be in total control

A good cost estimate is just the start. Controlling your cost is just as important to deliver a project within time and budget. Cost Engineering has more than twenty years of experience in controlling cost during project execution. Therefore, we know how to deal with all the aspects that could impact the success of a project. Learn more about Project Controls ›

Accurate Forecasting

Knowing where the project is heading is at the basis of cost control. By understanding the project’s dynamics, using sophisticated technology and many years of practical experience, our consultants can make an accurate forecast. This way you are always in control.

Change Management

Changes occur on every project. Cost Engineering helps you implement a structured change management process. By identifying trends and signaling early warnings, corrective actions can be taken in time. This results in the lowest possible impact these changes will have on the outcome of your project.

Dedicated Tools

With Cleopatra Enterprise we have the most advanced cost management software on the market. Cleopatra allows us to control every detail of the project without losing perspective on the overall project performance. Quick management dashboards containing KPIs provide the insight to see whether your project is on track.

Turnarounds & Maintenance

Cost Engineering provides an innovative management and control solution for STOs.

From the tendering process to select the best contractors, to the cost control during execution, Cost Engineering brings the expertise needed for these complex and time-driven projects.


Selecting the right contractor for the job is the basis for a successful turnaround or maintenance project. Cost Engineering has helped many companies in the tendering, bidding and evaluation process, resulting in the selection of the best contractors.

Contract Strategy

Turnarounds are known for their complexity and time constraints where multiple contractors need to work together. Having the right contract strategy is critical to its success. Cost Engineering has extensive experience in contract strategies, allowing us to advise and implement the best contract strategy for your situation.

Stay within time and budget

Especially for turnarounds proper control is needed to avoid delays and cost overruns. During the execution of a turnaround Cost Engineering can perform cost control onsite. Our turnaround experts ensure that the interfaces with scheduling, ERP and budgeting systems are aligned. Keeping the costs of the turnaround within budget and preventing delays is what we do best.

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Improve performance of your TA with integrated software Cleopatra Enterprise

Total Cost Management Software

The solution for the process industry used by Owners, Contractors and EPC firms.

Cleopatra Enterprise is the only solution developed by cost engineers, for cost engineers. Using the latest techniques that are advanced yet easy-to-use, Cleopatra allows you to work faster and more accurate at the same time. Cleopatra is the first tool on the market which fully integrates cost estimating and cost management.

Reliable Cost Estimating

Creating accurate estimates has never been easier. Cleopatra has built-in knowledge management so you never have to search for the information you are looking for. Sophisticated estimating methodologies are available to support each stage of your project, such as parametric cost models or intelligent import of MTO/BOQ sheets.

Accurate Cost Management

Cleopatra offers an integrated Cost Management module which seamlessly works together with the Cost Estimating module. That way you can easily recast your estimate into a cost management document. With the Cost Management module you can perform advanced forecasting, earned value management, change management and much more.

In-depth Project Analytics

Whether you work on a greenfield, brownfield, turnaround or maintenance project, Cleopatra is ready to support you. Through project analytics you will have an overview on your project portfolio. Templates and reports can incorporate business rules and save valuable time in delivering your results.

Learn more about Cleopatra Enterprise

Visit for in-depth information on Cleopatra Enterprise. You can also reach us online or call +31 (0)78 620 09 10.

Reliable Cost Estimating Data

Up-to-date data for the process industry

The quality of your cost estimates depends heavily on your cost data. Having a complete and well-structured dataset makes your life as a cost estimator much easier. The Cost Engineering Standard Knowledgebase (CESK) offers you a vast array of information, used by companies worldwide. The included labor norms and cost data is considered an industry standard and covers a wide range of disciplines for various industries.

Industry standard knowledgebase

The CESK data is available in Cleopatra Enterprise as a structured and comprehensive knowledgebase. Users can choose from parametric equipment models to detailed unit-rate data for all typical project disciplines. With the central database architecture of Cleopatra, your knowledge remains secure and available when you need it.

Always up-to-date

Cost Engineering provides regular updates of the CESK Data to ensure the information reflects the latest market conditions. Because the data is open and transparent, users can also add their own knowledge and data to capture and maintain the information that is typical for your projects.

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Third Party Data

In addition to the CESK Data, information from third parties can also be made available in Cleopatra Enterprise. For example, well known datasets such as Compass International, Richardson and Page & Nations. Even your own cost library, whether in Excel or MS Access, can easily be converted into a Cleopatra knowledgebase.

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Learn more about CESK Data

Contact us to learn more about the available knowledgebases in Cleopatra Enterprise.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Cost engineering is at the heart of everything we do. As a result we are passionate to share our expertise with others.

The Cost Engineering Academy has various courses in the profession of cost engineering. Whether you want to learn more about cost estimating or cost control, the Cost Engineering Academy has the right program for you.

Become Certified

As part of the Academy course program, participants can choose to enroll in the Cost Engineering Skills and Knowledge certification course. This course prepares you for the AACE International certification exam, to become Certified Cost Technician (CCT) or Certified Cost Professional (CCP).

Approved Education Provider

Cost Engineering is proud to be awarded by the AACE International as an Approved Education Provider. This means that all our courses have been carefully examined and approved to the highest standards in the industry. All our trainers are certified themselves and will share practical examples from years of experience.

At Your Own Location

Next to the courses that are held at Cost Engineering’s office in the Netherlands, it is also possible to organize a custom training at a location of your own choice. As an additional benefit, we can tailor the course to include those topics that are specifically interesting to your business.

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Cost estimates for the world's largest climate-positive facility

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The climate is changing and it is already taking a measurable toll. One of the main drivers of climate change in the world is CO₂. While a certain amount of CO₂ is needed for life on earth to flourish, human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, have caused an imbalance: there is now too much carbon dioxide in the air. To reverse climate change, Climeworks is restoring a healthy balance of CO₂ by capturing CO₂ directly from the air using its direct air capture technology. The air-captured CO₂ can then either be recycled and used as a raw material, or completely removed from the air by safely storing it underground. For this project Cost Engineering created an independent cost estimate.