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What are Beyblade Games?

The beginning of the Beyblade story started in 1999 in Japan, and the Beyblade games have started being popular. The main challenges are going to be played in 2 players, and it will be surrounding a special Beyblade device that needs to be controlled by the players that want to become the best Beyblades in the world, and for that, there will be a lot of training, practice and Beyblade matches that you will have starting in this new category.
Beyblade is a round toy that can have different devices and different designs and colors based on the player's personality. The toy started to become more popular than ever in 1999, where there were plenty of Beyblade tournaments and games that you can be a part of during this new category, and you will be able to go further inside the Beyblade story if you will continue to follow it and start to play our games right here on our website, and that they will be able to be played even on your phones and tablets, not only on your laptops or computers.

Start to control the Beyblade

We are bringing here on our website a lot of fun and interesting games for kids, and you can see that in this new challenge you will have the chance to control the Beyblades as best as possible and become one of the first Beyblade champions by winning all the championships, tournaments and leagues that will be present in each and every one of the Beyblade games for boys that we are going to start to publish right here on our website.
Inside this new story, you dear children can see that these challenges will be mainly played in two players, 3 players or even 4 players that will have each one or three Beyblade toys that they will control using the MOUSE and make sure that in this new challenge. It's going to be a lot of fun, because the Beyblade toys that you will control will look different, and they will even have different traits that will help you be more powerful Beyblade fighters, so you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to learn the abilities of Beyblades and see how many fights you will manage to win against all of your enemies.
All the Beyblade devices are round, because they will be pulled on a special device, and you can see that you will have to make sure that they will spin as fast as possible and for as much time as possible. When a fight bursts, you can see that the Beyblades are going to hit in one and each other, so you can see that you will win the game once your opponent's toy will not spin anymore, and you can see that there's going to be a lot of funny adventures and challenges that you finish and start to gain a lot of points.
Boys and girls all around the world started to play with these toys, and you will be able to build your own Beyblades and personalize them as much as you want, so you will use the mouse and start to use all the little parts in your toy to make it unique. There are going to be special parts in each tournament that you can put in your Beyblade toy to make it faster, more powerful, and even have special abilities to win. Three round toys is the maximum number that one Beyblade can have on himself at once, so you have to make sure that you can have a fast toy, a powerful one, and a magical one in order to have different strategies for each game.
Each game that you start will have 2 players or 3 players at the beginning, so you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will choose the perfect Beyblade, with a perfect tactic in order to win and gain a lot of points. Inside this challenge, you dear kids can see the first player that has 1 point wins the match, and you can see how many tournaments and series like the Beyblade Burst, Beyblade Burst Evolution, Beyblade Burst Turbo or the Beyblade Burst Gachi.
One way to win a game is to destroy the other player's Beyblade, which is very difficult, but you can do that if your toy is more powerful than the other players', another way is to make it stop spinning while inside the matching ring, and even at the end of the challenge, you will manage to make the opponent's toy to be blasted out of the ring, and all of these actions will give you one point for each activity that you made.

Find your own Beyblade

As you already know, there are three Beyblades that a fighter can have during the fights inside the tournaments, and you dear kids can see that the main toys have abilities like Defense, Attack and Stamina, and they will have different traits during the battles of this category, and you will see that in this new challenge, you will manage to gain points by mastering each type of Beyblade, so you have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will manage to balance your Beyblades with the three traits in order to have a fully equipped inventory, and you will gain points by it.
Each of the traits of the Beyblades are going to be very powerful, and even have different stats depending on the parts that you will put on the toy. The attack blades are going to be weak against the Defense blades, and you can see that the Defense ones will be weak against the Stamina, and the Stamina blade will be weak against the Attack ones, so you have to think about that once you start to play against another Beyblade - which is the name of each and every one of the Beyblade fighters in this new story.
The Attacking or the Striker Beyblades are known by their power when attacking other blades, and it will forever start the fight and it will never back down until the other toy will be thrown down the arena, even though they do not have enough stamina to have a very long battle.
The Defense or the Defender is the strongest of the Beyblade toys, and you can see that they have a very powerful shell made from different parts that are not made only from plastic like the attacking or the stamina blades. They turn slower during a fight, and that will make the pins of the blades on the opponent's toys get more damage when they hit your own, and so it's going to be of your advantage if you play against an attacker or a stamina one.
The Stamina or the Endurance will be made from different parts that are lighter and that will make the Beyblade be faster than the average and see how they will last longer spinning through the battles, but they will be weaker against the attackers because the pieces are not going to be as strong and as powerful as the other blade toys that you can find in this new story.

Beyblade legacy

Once a boy or a girl gets started and has the Beyblade fever, you can see how much fun and exciting challenges here on our website, and for that, you can see that we are bringing for you the Beyblade games category, in which all children all ages can find interesting coloring games, snowboarding challenges, winter adventures, and even puzzles, memory challenges and dress up games for girls in which you will manage to play right here on our website.
All of the online challenges that you will see in this new category will be around Beyblades, matches, and even small tournaments in which you have to work hard and make sure that you will win the games and have the highest scores. There are many exciting games for kids, and you will see how the Beyblades are going to be made using the Bit Chip, an Attack ring, a Weight Disk and a Blade Base that will make your own Beyblade and make it as fast as possible, as powerful as possible and even as indestructible as possible so that you can become one of the best Beyblade in the world.
For you guys to become one of the best Beyblader, you can see that you have to win all the major tournaments like the Beyblade Burst, the Beyblade Burst Evolution, Beyblade Burst Turbo, and the Beyblade Burst Gachi. Bladers Cup, Bladers God Cup in Japan, and you will see how many good players you will encounter, and that's going to make the game even more interesting, and there's going to be a great time winning and earning points.

Which is the best Beyblade?

BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set
Bey Battle Gyro Burst Battle
Takara Tomy Beyblades Metal Fusion
TakaraTomy 4D Metal Fusion

Where can Beyblades be found?

Beyblade toys can be found in stores from Japan to all the rest of the world.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Games online, free

Which is the first Beyblade?

The very first Beyblade Burst was in 2008.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Website

How do Beyblades look?

Beyblade Metal Masters Game Online

Beyblades are round, and they look different because the toys can be very customizable.

How can I increase my Beyblade's speed?

A Beyblade's speed is based on all the details, pieces, and decorations that have on it, so you have to have small items and light ones on your Beyblade for it to be fast.

Can I become a Beyblader?

Every kid in the world that owns a Beyblade can become a Beyblade fighter if there's a battle or a tournament around him.