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  • Aion game accounts can be blocked or terminated for a number of reasons. Some possible reasons include: Using a 'bot' program, or other third-party software to automate game play. Selling or purchasing Kinah, items, or accounts for real world money. Use of racial slurs or other inappropriate language. Inappropriate character or Legion names.
  • You may not use any third-party program (such as a 'bot') in order to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting or gathering items within Aion. You may not assist, relay or store items for other players who are using these processes.
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Aion Bot Program

HACK/CHEAT Program For Aion - Elitepvpers

Aion-Hack launches AionGrind Bot for Aion Online. Introducing a new botting program to the Aion Online botting & hacking scene, AionGrind. This program allows you to easily automate leveling, grinding, or farming. One of the most advanced Aion Bots yet. PR Log (Press Release) – Oct 07, 2009 – Aion is a newly released title in the Western.